5 Reasons You Should Be in Hibernation Mode

It’s January and it’s easy to slip into productivity mode! At the start of the new year, we’ve got a constant barrage of messaging about checking things off our lists, making goals, and getting things done. It’s the kind of energy that’s supposed to help you start off the year strong and keep you going for the next twelve months. While we love this energy and there’s certainly a place and time for it, it can be incredibly difficult to sustain. It’s not uncommon to lose the momentum for the goals we set for ourselves come February, just one month later.

So instead of leaning into the hustle mentality and trying to get things (let’s face it — everything!) done this January, we’re recommending something else: slow down, prioritize rest, and hibernate. Hibernation is nature’s way of leaning into the cold, quiet winter months. So why shouldn’t we take a cue from nature? We know that sometimes if we slow down, we actually get more done. So today in the journal, we’re sharing five reasons you should be in hibernation mode right now. If you feel any anxiety about hustling and making everything happen all at once, read below and let us convince you to get yourself into hibernation mode and practice winter self-care.

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Reconnect to What’s Important

Hibernation mode gets you to reconnect to what’s important in your life. Whether you were inundated with new gifts during the holidays or simply feel gratitude for what is surrounding you in your daily life, being in hibernation mode allows you to feel connected to the most vital parts of your life. After the busyness of the holidays, it’s so nice to slow down and take it easy. Whether you’re wrapping up in your plus size kimono robe for a nice slow evening wind down, or you’re calling the people in your life that you love the most, finding ways to reconnect with your senses and the people you love can bring you so much rejuvenation. 

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Take Time to Enjoy What’s In Your Life

Hibernation mode is a great way to take stock of what you have in your life. It keeps things simple and slowed down. It allows you to take a deep breath — instead of running to the next hustle, you get to spend time with the things that you actually enjoy. Maybe you flounce around your house in your luxury silk robe during a weekday. Maybe you sip hot chocolate instead of coffee in the morning, for an extra luxurious feeling at the start of the day. We add a lot of things to our lives over the holidays, and hibernation mode should be the time to enjoy those things.

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Take a Cue from Mother Nature

Sometimes we forget it, but we are part of nature too! So leaning into hibernation mode is truly leaning into our authentic nature. Mother Nature can teach us a lot. The leaves fall from the trees, the plants die off, the birds fly south, and everything seems to be still and quiet outside. Hibernation mode means we can get still and quiet, too. Cuddle up in your maxi kimono robe and engage in some practices that help you keep things mellow. Maybe you take out your gua sha tool at night to help you wind down and quiet your mind. Maybe you take a midday nap to regain some energy. Maybe you simply take extra care when doing your household chores — we do love cleaning up when wrapped up in a luxury silk robe, there’s something so paradoxical and fun about it! However you find your own still and quiet, let Mother Nature inspire you to lean into hibernation mode. Sleep more, slow down more, rest more. You deserve all of it.

Plus Size Silk Keina Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio
Let Your Energy Reflect the Season

Remember that your energy doesn’t need to work against the season, it can work with it! And that might get you right into hibernation mode. If you’re feeling reflective, allow yourself to be in that space. You don’t need to make decisions right away during the winter, you can take your time and move slower. If you’re slipping into your plus size kimono robe, allow your mind to go where your senses take you. Keep things simple, quiet, and calm and reflect what you see outside during the season. Maybe you even shift your energy throughout the day. Let the days come to a close a little bit sooner as the sun goes down. Maybe you’re slower to get up in the morning and wake up with the late-rising sun. Follow the energy that is reflected in the season to make hibernation mode obvious and easy. 

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Remind Yourself of the Most Effective Goal — Authenticity

The last way to really get yourself to slow down and tap into hibernation mode is to remind yourself it’s not about productivity. Goal setting can feel like we need to be making progress at every turn, but sometimes hibernation means we get to be more intentional with our goals. The more intentional our goals are, the more authentic they are. And authenticity is much more important to accomplishing our dreams than hustling. Being authentic in what you want to achieve means you’re going to show up for your goal even when times are tough. It’s a much more long term strategy than just go go go. So go ahead and slip into your maxi kimono robe and instead of listing out a bunch of to-dos for your to-do list, journal about what an authentic goal might be for you. Perhaps you start by thinking about the impact you want to make on the world. Or the things you’re most inspired by. There are all kinds of way to find authenticity in your goals. But the best way to really connect with how you feel is to slip into hibernation mode, get quiet and slow, and take a deep breath.

Have you been able to access your hibernation mode yet this winter? We hope you have! And if you’re doing it in one of our luxury silk robes, don’t forget to tag us on social @kimandono_ and #swaythisway so we can celebrate your winter style!

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