The Best Last Minute Staycation Ideas

Transparently, while we had planned on doing a roundup of last minute travel ideas to satisfy your spring break wanderlust, with the recent turn of events in America and across the world with the coronavirus, travel isn’t exactly top of mind at the moment. While we are all dealing with the varying degrees of social distancing and doing our part to keep everyone safe, we decided to dedicate a journal entry to making the best of it. At KIM+ONO, we are big proponents of making lemonade out of any lemons life hands us. You may be stuck at home, but with a little perspective and a lot of imagination, there’s no reason it can’t be just as fun as your spring break plans.

While we all find our way in this wild new world, if you’re looking for a few things to do on staycation out of this new paradigm, today we’ve got you covered. We’re putting together a list of activities and atmospheres that you can create right at home all on your own, or with a few friends and family over Facetime. So let’s get right to it so you can get to your staycation as soon as possible. Here’s our roundup of fun staycation ideas:

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Create Your Own Film Festival

Slip into your silk kimono robe, and binge, baby, binge. If you had plans to go to SXSW or any other cultural conference or festival where you would have been screening the latest films and newest television shows, never fear, because this is the era of streaming. Here’s how to have your own film festival at home: create a list of must-see films and television shows. And not just any list: make a list by category just like the festivals do. Shorts, documentaries, dramas, comedies. Invite your friends to add to your list, watch through each one, and vote on your favorite. Wear your silk kimono robe while binging to make sure you still feel special (this is your inaugural film festival after all!) and grab your favorite bottle of wine. Get on FaceTime with your friends to vote for your favorite!

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Bring the Beer Garden Home with You

One of the best parts of spring in the northern hemisphere is going out to your local beer garden. Often, you’re choosing your spring break destination based on how warm it will be and, even though you may still be cold up north, there’s no reason you can’t bring the beer garden to you. Unless your city and state say otherwise, you can be outside in your yard, your balcony, or your porch. Grab your partner and a six pack, make some popcorn, or break out the bar nuts, and sit outside to enjoy an afternoon beer. While you’re at it, maybe it’s time to spruce up your outdoor space to make it feel a little bit more like your favorite beer garden. And as it gets warmer, wear your favorite black floral kimono cardigan to add a little something special to the occasion.

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Go Shopping (Online) with Your BFFs

Part of the fun in traveling is getting out around town and shopping in the small boutiques at your destination. While you won’t be going shopping in public for the moment, online shopping is still going strong. Our suggestion is to roundup your best buds and each suggest a small, local, family-run business that also has a website that’s still shipping. Go through site by site with your besties on FaceTime and share what you’re finding like you would IRL. While we would of course love you to shop for kimono styles with us, there are plenty of options ranging from local bookstores who can ship their inventory, local coffee shops that may sell their beans online, small family run ETSY businesses, and more.

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Hit the (Living Room) Club

We know your living room isn’t the same as your favorite club, but hear us out. Pull up FaceTime with your family, especially if you have kids, put on the same track, move the coffee table, and have a dance party! Feeling stuck at home can limit how much you’re moving, so even just a three minute song to get your heartrate up and good vibes flowing can do so much for your outlook. And to make it even more fun, dress up as if you’re going out on the town! Wear a dress with your maxi kimono robe or break out that romper you thought you’d be taking on spring break. Turn down the lights and turn up the music and just dance.

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Create Your Own Art Gallery

You may not be able to get out to your local arts neighborhood at the moment, but beauty and art is in the eye of the beholder. Circle up with your kids and give everyone a prompt. Maybe it’s a color, a quote, or a feeling. Maybe you look up artists online and choose one to emulate. Give everyone some supplies and a short prompt and see what they come up with. When everyone’s done, tape the art to the walls and talk about what you notice and see in each piece. The beautiful thing about art is just appreciating it, so make it special. Wear your kimono wrap, create mocktails to toast your “gallery opening”, and let each artist speak about their piece.

Peony & Butterfly Kimono Robe
Photo by Angie Silvy
Take a Spa Retreat Without Leaving Your Bathroom

There is no better time than now to practice a little self love and care, so what do we suggest? A spa retreat for your mind, body, and spirit of course! Here’s how to create it: clear out your space first with palo santo or a candle that brings up good, positive energy for you. Run a bath and drop in some bath bombs or bubbles to make it nice and luxurious. Play a soothing song or listen to a guided meditation during your soak. Slip into your favorite kimono style and give your skin some love with Gua Sha tools, facial rollers, or your other favorite skin care. Take a few deep breaths to center yourself, rinse, and repeat as much as needed!

While you may be tucked away at home, there is always things to do on staycation to make the moment special. Sometimes all it takes is attention to the small details to have the biggest impact. So don’t miss this moment to check in and make the most of your staycation. It won’t last forever, but while it does, why not make it a little more luxurious?

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