Kimono Robe Round Up: Our Favorite Lovely Looks By You

Our co-founders, sisters Renee and Tiffany Tam, have always been inspired by the modern woman. As mothers, entrepreneurs, sisters, wives themselves, Renee and Tiffany have many different hats to wear every day and they have always felt that making the everyday as beautiful as possible creates a sense of well-being—even when the days are busy.

Each one of our handcrafted kimono robes are stitched together with timeless techniques by the same family of artisans our family has been working with for decades. What makes this classic and time-tested approach to craftsmanship so exciting, are the ways in which we see you wearing these pieces. When you take a bit of inspiration from these kimono robes, and express yourself, adding a little beauty to your everyday, for our team, that feels like a mission accomplished. We absolutely love seeing your photos and tags when you show us your kimono fashion looks. So today, we are honoring and celebrating all the ways you create your own sense of well-being by wearing these timeless pieces. We’ve gathered some of our most recent ways to wear your maxi kimono robes and we’re sharing them with you for a little lovely inspiration. Here are six ways to wear your kimono robe that we’re loving:

Handpainted Silk Crane Kimono Robe
Photo by @hauteshotsbytanya via @micaowens 
A Green Kimono Robe Cover Up to Take it Slow

Of course, the classic way to wear your long kimono robe is when you’re relaxing! We love seeing the different ways you unwind and take care of yourselves in your silk pieces. Whether you’re draped in a green kimono robe or wrapped up in our charmeuse, seeing how you take time for yourselves, especially during a challenging year, fills us with so much gratitude. All of these pieces were created with you, the modern woman, in mind. We know how much you do for your family, friends, and community, and you deserve to wrap yourself in a little luxury and be well.

Maren Kimono Wrap
Photo by @hihello.noelle
A Black Kimono Wrap to Make You Feel Beautiful

We hope every person feels beautiful when they slip into our kimono wraps. We love seeing the way you create beauty in your environments. Slipping into a kimono wrap isn’t just a singular event — it can inspire a little beauty in the room you’re resting in, perhaps you add some flowers, or make the bed, or do something to otherwise make you create a special moment for yourself. We love this look by @hihello.noelle that creates a whole mood from floor to ceiling. With a pale color palette behind her, the black kimono wrap is striking and yet completely cohesive. We hope every time you wear one of our kimono patterns, you feel as beautiful as you truly are.

Azumi Kimono Wrap
Photo by @kollegekony
Mixing Patterns with the Azumi Kimono Wrap

We absolutely love seeing how you mix patterns with your kimono wraps and robes. This green kimono wrap has a beautiful subtle pattern that becomes more complex and interesting with the layering of a beautiful dress as seen on @kollegekony. We love the way our kimono patterns are accented, highlighted, and underlined by the ways you pair them with your wardrobe. We love seeing your own personality and self expression come through so differently in the same green kimono wrap. While we love a monochromatic look, we also love the vibrancy of finding one color in your kimono robe and bringing it out in the other layers you’re wearing.

Iku Kimono Robe
Photo by @___whatthehale
Pairing a Modern Kimono Pattern with a Classic Black Layer

You can always make a classic look with our kimono patterns as they are inspired by vintage Asian art and woven together with timeless techniques and shapes. And still, each kimono pattern has a modern design to make it work seamlessly with all your favorite pieces in your wardrobe. We love this look with the monochromatic and classic black layer underneath and a beautifully draped Iku kimono pattern as the top layer. The subtlety of the snow color paired with the classic and stark black creates a sophisticated and sleek look while still allowing you to be comfortable.

Handpainted Silk Cherry Blossom Kimono Robe
Photo by @howshestruts
Bringing Your Maxi Kimono Robe to the Beach

We absolutely love seeing you bring your maxi kimono robe to the beach or poolside! While travel plans may have slowed down this past year, as the temperatures get a little warmer in the northern hemisphere, we hope you bring your kimono robe cover up with you to the coast or the pool. We love this look of the silky maxi kimono robe sweeping away in the coastal wind. Our Washable Silk and Charmeuse pieces are your best bet if heading to the water with a maxi kimono cover up. Those collections are machine washable and won’t be altered by touching water — whereas our Printed Silk and Handpainted Silks should stay away from the beach. 

Handpainted Silk Cherry Blossom Kimono Robe
Photo by @meljasimie
Swaying This Way in Your Silk Maxi Kimono Robe

The best way to wear your maxi kimono robe is however you like! We love seeing @meljasimie get outside in nature, wrapped up in handpainted silk. Nature has always been a huge infusion in our designs. From the vintage Asian art that features beautiful and classic botanicals, to our own connection with nature that’s so important to cultivating mindfulness and groundedness, we hope the botanical scenes on each kimono pattern brings you closer to your own feeling of calm and peace. We love seeing the ways in which you bring your own maxi kimono robe into nature, whether it’s your backyard, your garden, or just a stroll around the block. Seeing you wear your self care fills our hearts with joy.

t’s truly the best feeling to see you wear your kimono robes as a means of self expression and self care. We know it’s been a tough year, and these little acts of tenderness toward ourselves can be revolutionary at times. Please tag us on Instagram @kimandono_ so we can see and celebrate all the ways you are wearing your kimono robe. We are so honored to be a small part of bringing some comfort and joy to your every day.

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