Your All Inclusive Guide to Kimono Robe Sizing

One thing we love so much about our KIM+ONO kimono robes and kimono wraps is their versatility and inclusive sizing. No matter who you are, you can find a piece that makes you feel like the queen you are. We love the way the specific shape and contours of your body shapes the silky, liquid drape of our women’s duster robes and turns it into a look that’s as unique as you are. Whether it’s a plus size kimono robe or short silk robe, the beauty of the piece is pulled to the forefront of your look because of the person wearing it, in all your unique and stunning beauty.

When we were determining how to size these kimono robes and wraps, we noticed that so many companies use so many different benchmarks for their sizing. If you go to one company, you may be a size 10, while at another company, you’ll be a size 14. These brand number sizes differ so wildly between brands that we decided it made more sense to stick to the actual measurements of the piece and the actual measurements of the modern (wo)man wearing it. This way, you can be certain before you make your purchase that you have all the information to be sure your women’s duster robe will fit you. But, if you’d like a full breakdown of understanding how our measurements work and what to expect with the variety of collections we have, this journal entry is for you:

 Fura Kimono Robe
photo:@ashleystreff and @socialwellcreative
Understanding What Our Women’s Duster Robe Measurements Mean

When you find a favorite kimono wrap or robe you love, the product page will have all the information you need to determine kimono robe sizing. On the right hand side of the page, you’ll see a dropdown menu with the word “SIZING”. Under that, you can find the measurements for every piece in both length and width. The measurements for the length account for the length of the piece from the shoulder to the bottom of the hem. The measurement for the width shows how each women’s duster robe will fit in the chest and hips. And remember, every single style will have slightly different measurements — in both length and width — so you’ll want to double check the sizing for every piece on every product page.

Handpainted Silk Cherry Blossom Kimono Robe Photo by Maria Del Rio
How to Determine Your Kimono Robe or Kimono Wrap Measurements

To determine the correct sizing for you, you’ll need to of course take your own measurements first! When measuring your length, start at the top of your shoulders and let the measuring tape fall to the floor. You can then determine which lengths will fit you best. To measure your width, take the tape measure around the widest part of both your chest and your hips. This will show you your maximum measurements, which you can then cross reference with the measurements on every product page. Our maximum measurements account for the kimono robe wrapping comfortably with about two inches of material on each side, give or take. So if the measurements for the piece you’re interested in say it will fit up to 48” in chest and hips, and your hips are 48”, you’ll be able to close the kimono robe with a slight wrap and a couple of inches of material on either side. To get more of an idea of how everything fits from a plus size kimono robe to a short silk robe, you can check the sizing for each of our models here.

Washable Silk Jia Kimono Robe
photo:@ashleystreff and @socialwellcreative
Differences Between the Fit of Our Kimono Sleeves and Styles

Part of the handcrafted production process for these women’s duster robes requires slight differences in fit, depending on the style. If you’re checking out our Silk Collections, those kimono robes tend to run a tiny bit shorter and a tiny bit narrower than our Charmeuse Collection. Our kimono wraps have a variety of sizes, ranging from fitting up to 43” in chest and hip, to 50” in chest and hip, so again, double check the sizing on every product page before you purchase. And of course our plus size kimono robe collection fits the widest at 55” in chest and hips, but is still the same length as our long kimono robes in general. We also have a difference in kimono sleeves. For our charmeuse and silk kimono robes, we use a T-shaped ¾ length design without shoulder seams. This means that the kimono sleeve will fall slightly differently on everyone, either higher than the ¾ length or a bit lower than the ¾ length, depending on the breadth of your shoulders. Our kimono wrap collection is a longer full length sleeve that does not have the same T-shape, with the velvet trim creating extra length on the sleeve. These kimono wraps do have shoulder seams, so again, it’s best to double check the sizing on every product page to make sure you’re choosing your best fit!

Plus Size Silk Keina Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio
Advice for When You’re Between Sizing in Width or Length

When you’re in between sizing, you can feel a little uncertain, so here’s what we suggest! If you’re between a plus size duster kimono and a ‘one size fits most’ piece, check your exact measurements before purchasing. If you fit between 49”-55” in chest and hips, then most likely our plus size kimono robes will be the most comfortable for you. If you’re right on the edge, and measuring at 48” in chest and hips, then determine how you would like your kimono robe to fit. If you’d like some extra material, size up to the plus size kimono robe. If you’d like a more shallow wrap, size down to the ‘one size fits most’. For lengths, if take your measurements and see that the length will drape on the floor for you, you may want to check out our short silk robe and charmeuse kimono wraps instead. Depending on how tall you are, those short silk robes may fall at or just below your knee, so make sure you measure before you purchase.

The great news is that you can always make a quick and easy exchange for all full priced, undamaged/unworn items within 30 days of purchase. So if you choose the wrong length or size, not to worry! But if you cross check your own measurements with the measurements listed on every product page, you should be able to feel confident that when your luxurious women’s duster robe arrives, you can slip right into it and feel like the unique and beautiful queen you are.

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