Power Outfits: Kimono Robes Fit For a Queen

Marilyn Monroe famously said, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” That’s exactly how we feel about the kimono robe as a fashion statement. The right one can make you feel powerful, unstoppable and empowered. And that’s exactly how we want you to feel every day! We believe beautiful kimono robes for women are the perfect pieces to call up that feeling of strength. Take a look at some of our favorite powerful ways women’s kimono robes can bring out your inner queen.

Silk Botan Kimono Robe
Photo Credit: Delbarr Moradi
The Power Color of a Pink Floral Kimono Robe

What do you think of when  you think “power color”? Red? Black? How about pink? Celebrity stylist Allison Koehler says that “Pink can be powerful in that it’s widely accepted as a feminine color. Anything that enhances the feeling of a woman’s femininity is extremely powerful.” We couldn’t agree more. This powerful pink floral kimono robe is the perfect blend of femininity and strength. It’s simultaneously bold and soft. And if pink’s not quite your style? No worries, says Koehler, “A power color is powerful to the extent that a woman gleans a certain powerful or strong feeling from whatever she’s wearing. Wear whatever color make you feel your own strength.”


Peony & Bird Kimono Robe
Photo Credit: Kate Ogata
Power Posing in a Long Black Kimono

According to Amy Cuddy, your body language shapes who you are. But what’s even more interesting, she explains, is that you can “fake it ‘till you make it”. You can literally change the way you feel by changing the shape of your body. A strong and powerful pose can elicit feelings of confidence and bring down stress levels. She says that even two minutes before going into an important meeting can help boost your confidence. If you pair that exercise with a long black kimono, we think you’ve got a recipe for success. We’re loving the confident, cool look of Kate Ogata in her Peony & Bird Kimono Robe. A women’s beautiful kimono robe doesn’t just have to be for lounging in luxury at home (although we do advocate that, too!). It can bring your confidence to the next level, remind you stand tall, pull your shoulders back and take on the world.


Peony & Bird Kimono Robe
Photo Credit: Delbarr Moradi
A Powerful Kimono Pattern

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and we think the same is true of a floral kimono pattern. Wearing a bold design on your kimono robe is one way to make a strong statement. We love the duality of a delicate peonies and bright colors in our Peony & Bird Kimono Robe in teal. This pattern makes a dynamic splash from the pattern on the back, to the wrap of the peony on the sleeves. A powerful pattern can say so much without you having to say a word.

No matter what kind of kimono robe you’re feeling, there’s one to bring out your inner confidence and intrinsic power. Fashion is the first way we introduce ourselves, and we hope whenever you walk into a room, you feel confident, feminine and your most powerful self.

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