How to Build a Foundation for a New Energy

In the astrological world, each zodiac season brings its own unique energy and characteristics, and some people can feel this energy in their everyday lives. As we transition from winter to spring, the cosmos align to welcome the dynamic and assertive energy of Aries season, which typically spans from March 21st to April 19th. This astrological period, ruled by the fiery planet Mars, is often associated with a burst of vitality, courage, and a sense of renewal. If you, like us, were in hibernation mode during January’s New Year Resolutions, you might find more energy and power during Aries season. You may be ready to embark on new ventures and pursue fresh goals.

Whether you’re well versed in astrology or not, you may feel pulled by the collective vibe during the shift of seasons. Even nature is coming out of hibernation, with blossoms blooming, people spending more time outside, and generally “getting back to it” after a long winter lull. So this is a beautiful period to set a good foundation for the rest of the year. If the year begins with a little extra rest, this springtime transition is a great way to build a foundation before you really take off for the summer. So go ahead, get comfortable. Slip into your floral silk robe, grab your favorite pen and journal, and cozy up with our guide for who to build a foundation for new energy this spring and beyond.

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Why is Aries Season the Best Time to Build a Foundation?

Building a foundation for the rest of the year requires a bit of energy. It needs focus, drive, and determination. And the beautiful thing about Aries is that it’s a season known for its boldness, initiative, and an unwavering desire to conquer challenges. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries represents the spark of creation and the impetus for new beginnings. You may feel more aligned during this time  to tap into your inner reserve of courage, passion, and enthusiasm. It’s those things that create the perfect springboard for launching projects, setting ambitious goals, and embracing change. If you want to visualize Aries energy: picture yourself wearing your women’s silk robe or men’s kimono wrap, wind blowing through your hair, standing on the top of a mountain — arms outstretched and chin up to the sky. That’s the kind of energy to build a powerful foundation.

Setting resolutions in the dead of winter is like trying to wake up and do work at 3am! It can be done, but should it be? Unlike traditional resolutions set in January, Aries season aligns with the arrival of spring. The emergence of nature from its dormant state mirrors the astrological energies at play, encouraging you to let go, shed layers, and face the world with optimism and determination. 

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The Symbolism of Aries and Spring

The symbolism of blossoming flowers, budding trees, and the return of warmth all contribute to a sense of revitalization that aligns seamlessly with the energetic essence of Aries. And it’s this sense of rebirth you can find in our long kimono wraps like our Cherry Blossom & Crane Kimono Wrap, or our floral silk robe of the Handpainted Cherry Blossom.

How to Take Action with Aries Energy

Aries is not known for indecision or procrastination; instead, it thrives on the momentum of forward movement. You can use this energy thoughtfully. If there are areas of your life that feel stagnant or stuck, use the impulsive yet invigorating energy of Aries to propel you beyond hesitation. Let yourself be 10% more impulsive and see how far you can get with that kind of bold action. Perhaps you go for a run as soon as you feel like it, instead of talking yourself out of it like you might have done in the past. Or maybe you wear your long kimono robe out for date night over your jeans and a t-shirt to give you an extra dose of confidence and style. Perhaps you apply for a job you’re not quite qualified for, or ask someone on a date! All of these proactive attempts will lay a foundation for beautiful things to be built throughout the rest of the year.

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Using Journal Prompts to Help Build Your Vision

Journaling is a powerful practice with all sorts of benefits. Whether you journal in a notebook, on backs of random napkins, or you have a full Google Drive folder of all your deepest thoughts, the act of journaling offers so many benefits — especially as you are beginning something. That’s because journaling promotes self awareness. By putting your thoughts and emotions onto paper, you gain a clearer understanding of your innermost feelings, desires, and concerns. It’s this kind of introspection that allows you to create objectives and goals that are aligned with you, instead of following fads, trends, or other people’s desires. As you sit down to write, you’ll start organizing your thoughts into coherent written form, which clarifies your daily thinking and enhances your problem-solving skills. Additionally, the act of journaling often sparks creativity and inspires new ideas.

We suggest slipping into your favorite floral silk robe and creating a practice around your journaling. You can wake up, get into your men’s kimono wrap and journal a la fresco. Or you can finish up your evening skincare routine, and with your luxurious women’s silk robe wrapped around your shoulders, give yourself some time and space to self reflect at the end of the day. Whenever and wherever you journal, this self reflection is key for building solid foundations for your year.

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The Best Prompts As You Begin

And finally, if you aren’t sure where to get started with your journaling, we offer three prompts to you that will help you focus: What do you want to feel this year? What do you want to build this year? Who do you want to be this year? With those three prompts, you can start to find out what’s important to you, what values are at the top of your list, and your action items will naturally reveal themselves with every answer.

Happy building!

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