The Bride's Guide to Wearing a Bridal Kimono Robe

It’s summer wedding season and we are swooning for it! There is nothing more beautiful than a ceremony that celebrates the love of two people. The symbolism, the meaning, the rituals — they are all ceremonious acts that speak right to our hearts. It’s a beautiful thing to build structures and symbols around the most important moments of our lives. Those ritualized moments let us step deeper into presence and breathe meaning into our ordinary lives. Symbolism and ritual has always been an integral part of our design process and building this brand, so when wedding season comes, we couldn’t feel more delighted.

And over the years, brides have been draping themselves in our luxury bridal robes to bring added meaning, symbolism, and tradition to their big days. If you’re a bride-to-be, you may be feeling overwhelmed with the decision making process for your wedding day, so today in the journal, we’re breaking down all the different elements to consider when choosing the perfect bridal kimono robe for you. Whether you’re getting married in a city or the country, with a big ceremony or quietly at home, there is something for every bride. We hope you get inspired by these silky floral robes to bring a little luxury to your big day and every day after that. Here’s our bride’s guide to wearing a bridal kimono robe. Discover new ways to wear a kimono robe and find your personal kimono style inspiration.

Peony & Bird Kimono Robe 
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Decide Which Kimono Fabric is Right for You

First thing is first, always start with the kimono fabric. We have three different kinds of silk robes for women, as well as our silk-alternative Charmeuse. Charmeuse is a polyester fabric with a charmeuse weave and a great alternative if silk isn’t for you. It’s got the liquid drape and fluidity of silk, it’s super soft, and offers you the durability to wash at home. If you opt for one of our silk robes, you have three options — Washable Silk, Handpainted Silk, and Printed Silk. Just like Charmeuse, Washable Silk can be gently laundered at home. If you don’t mind dry cleaning for your luxury bridal robe, then Handpainted Silk and Printed Silk give you a variety of handpainted or handsketched designs and the decadent softness of 100% Grade 6A Raw Silk. These two collections are just a little bit lighter in weight at 16mm compared to Charmeuse or Washable Silk which are 22mm. All of the fabrics are considered lightweight and breathable, so no matter the weight, you’ll be sure to feel like your silky floral robe is wrapping you up in a cloud.

Spring Floral Kimono Robe Photo: @marzanovas
Pick a Kimono Robe with Meaningful Symbolism

Once you pick out your material, it’s time to think about design. The best way to start is to simply browse through our silky floral robes and see which one speaks to your eye the most. Then, once you’ve narrowed it down to a handful, you can start to explore the symbolism of each. Symbolism and meaning are stitched into every luxury bridal robe we offer. For instance, in Chinese heritage, the butterfly represents a sort of freedom, becoming unbound from reality and elevating into a new form of existence. It’s a beautiful metaphor for life after death (physical or spiritual), and in Japanese heritage, the butterfly even is said to help guide and transition spirits into the afterlife. The cherry blossom symbolizes a time of renewal and rebirth, and the lotus represents purity and enlightenment. Browse through our journal articles for more information on each design you love, and pick out a beautiful look that symbolizes whatever is most important to you on your big day. 

Washable Silk Kiku Kimono Robe
Photo: @jackie.delag
Choose a Color that You Love

While a white silk robe is a classic for your wedding day, it’s not the only color you need to commit to on your big day! Once you’ve chosen your kimono fabric and the design of your luxury bridal robe, it’s time to find a color that suits you best. Remember, you’ll be wearing this for years to come, so while a white silk robe is a gorgeous choice, don’t forget about dusty pinks, ivories, and even pale blues. Find a silky floral robe that compliments your wedding day colors and also something you’ll love to bring with you on your honeymoon, back home, and beyond for years to come. 

Silk & Charmeuse Kimono Robes
Photo: @megwarne
Find a Length that Works Best for You

Once you have all the design details in place, it’s time to choose your length. Our silk robes for women come in two different lengths — short and long. But the exact measurements may differ from style to style, so make sure you double check all the measurement details on every product page under ‘SIZING’ to get the most accurate idea of fit. Our measurements account for the length from the shoulder to the bottom of the hem. Depending on your height, you may opt for a shorter length or a longer length. You can also let your venue dictate the length of the silky floral robe you choose — if you’re at the beach, a short kimono robe could work beautifully. If you’re at a more formal event venue, perhaps you’d like to opt for the longer length. 

Peacock Feather Kimono Robe Photo: @emilygreenphoto
Pull Together a Cohesive Look for Your Bridal Party

Once you’ve picked your own bridal kimono robe, it’s time to think about silky floral robes for your bridal party! If you’ve opted for a white silk robe, you can choose another color and design from a different collection to gift to your bridal party, making you stand out as the bride. Or you can choose a recent trend in bridal parties, where everyone wears white and gift them the same white silk robe. Or, you can break totally out of the box and mix and match colors and designs to have a more unique, less uniform look. Whatever you choose for your luxury bridal robes will be the right choice, because this is your day!

Want to get inspired? Check out our Bridal Kimono Robe page here for more inspiration on how our brides wear these silky floral robes. And don’t forget to tag us @kimandono_ and #swaythisway on your big day so we can celebrate with you!

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