Our New Kimono Robes Have Arrived

It’s a new season and we’re so excited to roll out a whole new collection of kimono robes. In addition to our Handpainted, Silk, Charmeuse and Washable Silk collections, we now introduce In Lieu of Silk. What makes this kimono fashion so powerful? Not only is it lightweight, but it’s both strong and soft. Using a viscose blend threading for durability, you’ll feel cozy in the smooth drape of this gorgeous, slightly translucent flower kimono robe. Whether you're lounging around the house or need a lightweight kimono jacket on-the-go, this versatile, breathable kimono robe is your perfect match.

Kameria Kimono RobePhoto by: Stephanie Russo
A Gorgeous Poolside Cover Up

Our latest addition to our In Lieu of Silk Collection is our Kameria Kimono Robe. With whimsical flowers in subtle colors against a stunning teal background color, this flower kimono robe strikes a delicate balance between strength and softness. We love this piece as a cover up by the pool, the beach or just around the house. Or pair it with your favorite pair of jeans and t-shirt to make the ordinary a little more extraordinary.

Kameria Kimono Robe

Photo by: Stephanie Russo
A Blue Flower Kimono Robe for Fall

We love the jewel tones showing up in kimono fashion this season, and the Kameria Kimono Robe is a perfect color to bridge the transition from summer to winter. It’s an easy jacket or cardigan for your layering needs, and it could even function in place of the typical pashmina when wearing a dress.

Sakura Kimono Rob

Photo by: Stephanie Russo
A Sweet Kimono Robe Jacket

One of our favorite places to wear kimono fashion is at the office. The gorgeous light blue color of our latest Sakura Kimono Robe brings a softness to a long, dramatic length. Pairing this flowing, easy drape with wide leg pants is a striking way to add a little interest to your everyday wardrobe. Keep your layers’ colors subtle and allow this pale flower kimono robe to shine.

Sakura Kimono Robe

Photo by: Stephanie Russo
A Perfect Cut for a High Waist

One of our favorite features of the kimono robe is the three quarter length sleeves. The fluid drape of these wide kimono sleeves creates a dynamic shape in the upper body of the robe and ends up pairing beautifully with highwaisted pants or a skirt. We love the balance of a highly structured, tighter layer underneath the flowing flower kimono robe.

Sakura Kimono Robe

Photo by: Stephanie Russo
A New Collection You’ll Love

We know you’ll love this new kimono robe collection — why? Because not only is this a soft material, it’s super strong. The durability from the viscose blend gives you a softness that almost feels like cotton. It also makes it incredibly strong so you can wear it everywhere — from the pool to the office to date night to around the house — without worry.

We’re so excited for you to fall in love with our new In Lieu of Silk Collection. For those moments when you want the comfort of cotton and the luxury of kimono robes, this collection is the perfect fit for you. Ready to shop? Visit our In Lieu of Silk Collection and if this is your first time shopping with us, sign up for our newsletter and take 10% off your first order.

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