5 Ways to Tell Someone You Love Them This Holiday Season

In our current world, it seems like someone is always communicating something. Be it social media, or your inbox, or your text messages, or that group chat you just can’t seem to get out of — we are constantly bombarded with information, ideas, thoughts, and ramblings. There is a whole lot of communication, but not a whole lot of connection. And that’s because so often we’re thinking of our own ways of communicating and not the person on the other end of communication. Who are we talking to and what will break through the noise and reach them? There are tons of ways to improve connection and communication with the ones you love, but perhaps none so helpful (and sometimes challenging!) as the 5 love languages. 

While the holiday season is one where we hope you’re connecting deeply with the ones you love, at KIM+ONO we know that connection and communication go hand in hand with intention. Each one of our floral kimono robe designs was crafted with intention, and it’s a value we live by from our online shop to our kimono store in San Francisco. We want to bring intention to everything we do. And the five love languages has helped us in deepening our relationships and truly communicating with the ones we love. So today in the journal, let’s explore how to use love language gifts this holiday season to tell someone special just how much you care about them.

Plus Size Silk Keina Kimono Robe
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Giving Gifts that Have Beautiful Symbolism and Rich Meaning

Some people in life experience connection and love through gifts. Gift giving allows you to think about the recipient in a longer, more thoughtful way that requires planning and intention. For instance, giving the gift of a floral kimono robe means you are considering their likes when it comes to material, their aesthetics when it comes to design, and their personal journey when it comes to meaning and symbolism. Everything from our men’s kimono wraps to our plus size kimono robes are steeped in meaning, tradition, and intention. So when you give a gift like this, your recipient will feel it. For someone who receives love through gifts, this is a beautiful time of year to make your gift-giving extra special and offer a tangible symbol of your admiration and thoughtfulness. Embrace the beauty of nature and luxurious comfort merged into a wearable work of art so that your gift recipient feels wrapped in appreciation and tenderness. 

Plus Size Washable Silk Lotus Kimono Robe
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Acts of Service Offering Comfort, Support, and Visibility

Some of the hardest jobs are the ones that go unseen. For the people in your life who are constantly serving the family, simply doing the dishes or getting the oil changed in the car, can feel like gift enough! But for the one you love who feels love through acts of service, go a bit deeper this holiday season. You could pick out the perfect plus size kimono robe you know they’ll adore, and then follow through with caring for it, by taking it to dry cleaner or giving it a light steam when it could use a refresh. If your loved one loves a skincare routine, exchange that old headband with a brand new washable silk eye mask they can use as a headband and as an eye mask for sleep. Act as your loved ones assistant by giving them support and comfort with acts of service and lending a helpful hand without them needing to ask for it.

Jia Kimono Wrap
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Quality Time With Your Best Friends

Sometimes people don’t need a gift, they just need you. For folks who receive love best through quality time, they want to know they can have a special moment with you despite the holiday’s hustle and bustle. Schedule a time with your best girlfriends for a night in, lounging in your favorite maxi kimono wraps. Make a whole plan for the food, the movies, the activities, or simply clear the calendar (and the house!) for each other so you can just vibe. Making it special by wrapping up in your favorite floral kimono robes brings even more meaning and intention to the get together. Whether it's a spa day, a movie marathon, or simply savoring a cup of tea, your maxi kimono robes become a conduit for forging deeper connections. The shared experience of wrapping up in your favorite floral kimono robes amplifies the feeling of togetherness and love.

Handpainted Silk Cherry Blossom Kimono Robe
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Physical Touch and Wrapping Up in Luxury

The language of physical touch speaks volumes in expressing love and goes a long way to forge deeper connections with those most special to you. And for those you love who are at a distance, you can still speak their love language. Gift a luxurious maxi kimono robe or men’s kimono wrap that feels like a warm embrace. The softness of the fabric, the elegant liquid drape, and the feeling of luxury all create the experience of being wrapped in a cloud. When they slip into their women’s or men’s kimono wrap, it's an invitation to feel cherished. 

KIM+ONO Notecard
Words of Affirmation in Every Furoshiki Gift Wrap

And finally, sometimes words are all that someone needs to hear to feel loved. Loving words carry so much more weight for these kinds of gift recipients than for anyone else. While your gifts themselves of course speak volumes, heartfelt words add depth and meaning to every symbolic floral kimono robe. Whether you’re gifting a men's kimono wrap, a plus size kimono robe, or a maxi kimono robe, adding our traditional Furoshiki Gift Wrap service allows you to add a heartfelt message. You can express gratitude, admiration, or simply convey "I love you" through a heartwarming note accompanying the gifted kimono robe. This fusion of a tangible gift with the intangible words of affirmation that mean so much is the perfect gift for someone who loves to know what’s on your mind.

At KIM+ONO, we know that intention lives behind everything we do. From designing our maxi kimono robes to choosing which silks and charmeuse materials will make them feel extra luxurious to creating a checkout experience that feels effortless and easy, to wrapping up your women’s and men’s kimono wrap gifts in our Furoshiki Gift Wrap service, we know that intention and thoughtfulness is important in every step of the way. From beginning to end, we know you are striving to shower the people you love with love, and we want our floral kimono robes to help you do just that. Our hope is that each kimono robe becomes a vessel for love, a way to share your love, and a symbol of your intention to bring more love into your loved ones’ lives.

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