5 Ways to Tell Mom How Much You Love Her

As we get closer to Mother’s Day, our team at KIM+ONO wants to celebrate all mom figures who have made a difference, big or small, in the lives of others! This holiday means something unique to everyone. For some, it’s a joyful day to say thank you to the person who cared so much for them over the years. For others, it’s a challenging time and a reminder of their own strength and resilience. We want to hold space for all those who are influenced by Mother’s Day. We also want to acknowledge the impact that mother figures of all kinds have on our families and communities: they lift us up, support us as we grow, and offer encouragement through the ups and downs.   


As a small family business specializing in floral kimonoco-founded by two sisters and run by a team of mothers and fathers, we know how important Mother’s Day is for many. Today in the journal, we’re going to offer five meaningful ways to tell your mom you love her. Whether you choose to celebrate your biological mother, sister, grandmother, aunt, family member, best friend, or yourself, there are so many different ways to make someone feel special and appreciated. A little extra gesture can go a long way in making the mama in your life feel as beautiful and confident as they deserve to. Discover how to tell your mom that you love her in your own special way.


5 Ways to Tell Mom How Much You Love Her
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Spend Quality Time With the Mom in Your Life


The simple joy of being in the company of loved ones cannot be underestimated. Spending quality time with the mom in your life might look like a lunch date at her favorite spot, a long phone call to catch up, a night out at the movies, a relaxing afternoon walk, a delicious brunch…the possibilities are endless! No matter what you plan, the best thing to bring is your undivided attention. The act of setting aside time and spending it intentionally with mom can be a gift in itself. Even if you’re not able to physically be in her presence, Mother’s Day can be a day to acknowledge mom for everything she’s done for you. 


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Time to Listen: Ask Mom for Her Story


“Mother knows best,” goes the saying. And some of us are certainly lucky enough to experience that in life. For all the wisdom and advice that moms impart on us as we navigate through life, there can be something truly magical about asking them to share their story. They might choose to share the happiest moments of their lives—or perhaps they’ll share the most difficult moments they’ve experienced. Because many mothers dedicate so much of themselves to nurturing others, it can be easy for their own feelings to fall to the wayside. One way to show love to the mama in your life is to invite her to share an aspect of her story that perhaps she’s never been able to share before. Maybe you pour her a cup of coffee and invite her to tell the story that she’s kept close to her heart all these years. Offering mom a kind, listening ear can be an unexpected and meaningful way to celebrate her.  


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Roll Up Your Sleeves: Cook a Meal for Mom


Some of us have special memories of the meals that mom put on the table. If you’re looking for a fun way to show your appreciation, cooking a meal for mom can be a creative and meaningful experience. You can choose a favorite family recipe that you’ve seen mom make countless times. Or you can find something new and exciting to prepare! Cooking for a loved one is a nurturing gesture—it’s a way to say “thank you” and to show care and generosity. Perhaps mom gets cozy in her floral silk robe, pours a glass of wine, and relaxes at the table while you prepare dinner for her. Maybe it’s a good time to remind her of all the wonderful dishes you remember from childhood. Or, maybe you’ve taken her request for a dish she loves but doesn’t have the time to make for herself. Whatever you choose to make, you can’t go wrong if you add an extra pinch of gratitude and love for the mother figure in your life. 


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Gift Mom Something Meaningful


Mother’s Day can be the perfect time to make sure that mom feels loved and appreciated. Small or large, gifts are one way to acknowledge that mom is your mind. Although choosing a gift can be a little tricky—what if it doesn’t fit, or what if she doesn’t like it?—it’s the intention behind the gift that means the most. Luckily, we’ve got a wide lineup of beautiful silk and charmeuse kimono robes along with a curated set of wellness items that would make a meaningful gift for any mama! Our simple sizing options (one-size-fits-most and curve/plus sizing) as well as our extensive selection of original botanical designs takes the worry out of choosing a gift. You can easily browse short and long kimonos, velvet-trimmed kimono wraps, and accessories to find something that makes mom feel confident in her own skin. For mothers who need convenience, washable silk or soft charmeuse options are easy to wash at home. And for mothers who might love a wearable piece of art, our Handpainted Silk Collection features our most luxurious and unique pieces that are hand painted using a traditional paintbrush. And it’s not just the gift itself—it’s how it makes her feel. We craft all of our kimono robes with the dream that anyone who slips into them instantly feels as beautiful as they truly are. When you’re shopping for a Mother’s Day gift, think about adding a luxury silk robe to mom’s closet. 

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Put it Into Words: Write Mom a Letter


We’ve got one more suggestion for telling mom how much you love her: put it on paper. Letters, especially handwritten ones, can become precious keepsakes for years to come. When you take the time to write an honest, vulnerable, and loving message, it can make all the difference in the world. Writing a letter is one way to make sure the mother in your life knows that she isn’t taken for granted and that all of her loving actions over the years are seen and appreciated. Letters can be read over and over anytime mom wants to feel closer to you. They can be wonderful reminders of the gratitude that often goes unexpressed because, let’s face it, life gets busy. Mother’s Day is a beautiful opportunity to slow down and say the things we mean to the ones who deserve to hear it the most. 


We hope you’ve given you a few ideas that you can make your own this Mother’s Day! 

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