The Mystique of the Long Black Kimono Robe

In the United States, there are certain colors that are always coupled with certain holidays. For Halloween, it’s orange and black, with black being the most powerful color of the season. From black witch dresses to black spiders to images of the black night sky, it’s a mysterious and powerful color and one that brings those same qualities to your kimono style. This week, we’re looking at the mystique of the long black kimono robe.

Alana Kimono Robe
Photo by Angie Silvy
Demystifying the Symbolism of Orange and Black

Bustle has written that “the colors of orange and black were chosen intentionally [to represent Halloween] because they function as ‘opposites’.” With orange being a warm color, represented often by fire, it brings in the idea of light. While black, of course, brings in feelings of darkness and mystery. These opposites give us a season where light and dark are at play and people can feel their inner mysterious spirit rising to the surface.

Silk Yuri Kimono Robe
Photo by Angie Silvy
Bringing Out the Power in Your Kimono Style

We love the mystery that’s inherent in the color black, but there’s another quality to it that makes black such a dynamic visual. According to color psychology, black gives protection from external emotional stress. Because the color is the absorption of all color and the absence of light, there is a protective quality to the color black. We love the idea that black brings out the mystery, protectiveness and power of whoever wears it. And that’s why we think a long black kimono robe is the perfect kimono style for the season.

Peacock & Feather Kimono Robe
Photo by Delbarr Moradi
Our Must-Have List of Long Black Kimono Robes

Some of our favorite long black kimonos are the most traditional. But the way you dress them up or down is all up to you and will showcase your own inherent mystique and power. This black lace kimono robe is a classic look, with wide sleeves and gorgeous lace details. This kimono style combines the power of black and the sweetness of lace. Our black floral kimono robes are another favorite. The simple floral designs against a solid black backdrop create a high contrast and lots of drama perfect for the fall. And finally, we love the striking design of our Peacock and Feather Kimono Robe. This long black kimono robe is the ultimate power piece to make you feel like the mysterious, beautiful woman you are.

From black lace kimono robes to black floral kimono robes, the color black is an epic backdrop for your sense of style and play to come out. Bringing black into your kimono style gives you a chance to play up the opposites in yourself. You can give a playful floral print even more depth just by wearing it against a deep, dark background. You can double down on your mysteriousness with a black lace kimono robe that brings out your classic beauty. And the beautiful thing? Black looks lovely on everyone. So don’t be shy. This season, let your inner spirit out and wear your power and mystery in a beautiful long black kimono robe.

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