Our Guide to the Short Kimono Robe

A kimono robe is a piece of wearable art that flows with you wherever you go. It’s delicate, feminine, beautiful, and most of all, it makes a gorgeous statement. But when you think of a kimono robe, you may be thinking long and luxurious. However, in our humble opinion, luxury can come in lengths of all kinds! Enter: the short kimono robe. With their shorter hem, our short kimono robes prove to be an essential for every wardrobe. We love this take on modern luxury because a short kimono is so versatile, it just effortlessly flows with you throughout your day. It’s an easy day to night piece and a great way to dip your toe into the world of kimonos. Whether you’re wearing it as a kimono jacket or summer kimono cardigan, your shorter pieces end up going a long way.

Handpainted Cherry Blossom Kimono Robe
Photo by Stephanie Russo
Short Kimono Robe History: the Haori

If you’ve read any of our past blog posts, you know our company is founded on history. Both generational history from our family’s business in Chinatown over the decades, and the history of Japanese kimonos themselves. We have been inspired to make modern kimono robes for the modern woman and taken a lot of inspiration from the way traditional Japanese kimonos were worn. One of those pieces of traditional inspiration comes from the haori. The haori is a traditional Japanese kimono style jacket that falls at about your hips or mid-thigh. For some historical reference, between 1603 and 1868, the middle class economy was growing in Japan. This allowed the middle class to afford the haori, but also brought about laws against “ostentatious display of wealth by all but the warrior caste; this in turn gave birth to discreet haori designs with lavishly decorated lining”, according to Wikipedia. We love the idea that the haori and kimono could be for every person, and not just the ruling class. That’s partly why we like to “bring a little luxury to your everyday”. Because no matter who you are, you deserve to feel beautiful.

Handpainted Crane Kimono Robe
Photo by Stephanie Russo
A Short Kimono Robe for a Long Lounge

If you’ve followed us on social media, read our blog posts, or just browsed our website, by this point, you know we value lounging and self care to the highest degree. And we hope you do, too! We know that a little bit of rest can go a long way. But just because you’re lounging, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel like a queen. One of our favorite short kimono robes is our Handpainted Crane Kimono Robe. It’s subtle elegance and super soft silk are the perfect qualities to bring you into that zen state at home. It’s amazing what one sensory experience can do — whether it’s smell, sound, sight, or touch — one little change to your everyday routine can heighten your senses. That’s what we hope this short kimono robe will do for you. It may be short on length, but it will be long on elegance and luxury.

Cherry Blossom & Crane Kimono Robe
Photo by Delbarr Moradi
A Kimono Jacket for Everyday Life

A beautiful kimono jacket is another great way to wear your short kimono robe. As a modern take on the traditional haori, a shorter length gives you lots of options. And we know the modern woman needs options! We love a kimono jacket to redefine any outfit. Dress up your regular work clothes with a touch of this beautiful cherry blossom design. Drape a kimono jacket over your dress for a fun date night out. Wear these beautiful blooms over a romper or give yourself a light layer for after the gym. No matter where your day is taking you, your kimono jacket is along for the ride. The possibilities are endless with this feminine, delicate layer.

Handpainted Peacock Kimono Robe
Photo by Jennifer Skog
A Summer Kimono Cardigan For Something Different

With the summer months upon us in the northern hemisphere, it’s time to think about easy summer layers. You don’t want to be caught out in the cold, but you don’t want something heavy to weigh you down. You need just the right touch to cover up without bundling up. Our short kimono robes are perfect for just that. Wear your shorter length pieces as summer kimono cardigans to wear over a bathing suit. Drape it over a t-shirt and cut off jeans. Or make a statement by pairing it with a denim jumpsuit as your outfit’s pop of interest. We love our Handpainted Peacock Kimono Robe as a way to show off your style with a classic touch. No matter what your vibe, from trendy to traditional, a kimono cardigan brings your attitude and charisma to the forefront of any outfit. From our sillk collections to our charmeuse, there are gorgeous options for every inch of your summer style.

So in conclusion? A short kimono robe is a win no matter what your style personality. Whether you want the softness and elegance of our Silk Collection, the fun, flirtiness of our Charmeuse Collection, or the easy care of our Washable Silk Collection, there’s a short kimono robe with your name on it this summer. Let the playfulness of the shorter length take your wardrobe to new heights. Dress it up as a kimono jacket, dress it down as a summer kimono cardigan, and remember: one of the best things you can do for yourself this summer is to take it slow, rest, and give yourself some self care. Pull on your summer short silk kimono robes and lounge around in a bit of luxury as you take a moment to reconnect with your breath and your vitality. Summer should be full of life and we hope our short kimono robe collection adds a little more to yours. Any way you wear your short kimono robe, we hope it brings a little more elegance, style, and luxury to your every day.

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