How to Make Your Own Ritual

At KIM+ONO, ritual is part of everything we do. From how we design our floral kimono robes, to the production process, to the events we have in our brick and mortar kimono store in Chinatown, ritual is infused into every part of our company. And that’s because we know how powerful it can be — both on a collective level and a personal level.

Creating your own ritual is a powerful way to bring more intention, meaning, and a sense of groundedness into your own life. Many of us are navigating significant life changes and challenges every year — from kids growing to careers to changing and everything in between — we are almost always in transition mode. And it’s exactly those transitions that make it an ideal time to incorporate rituals into our routines. Whether you’re looking to celebrate a personal milestone, establish a new habit, or simply add a touch of mindfulness to your day, designing your own ritual can be a deeply rewarding practice. We know that rituals have helped us design our luxury silk robes, build our brand, and live a more present life in general. So here’s how to create a ritual that resonates with your unique journey and supports you in whatever stage of life you find yourself in today. 

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Choose Your Intention

The foundation of any meaningful ritual is a clear and heartfelt intention. Your intention is the purpose behind the ritual, the reason you are dedicating this time and space to yourself. It’s important to choose an intention that genuinely resonates with you, something that reflects your current needs, desires, or aspirations. When we started designing our plus size long robes, luxury silk robes, and floral kimono wraps, our intention was always to bring a little more luxury to your every day. Each design has you, and your life, in mind. That intention guides us in everything we create. 

So begin by reflecting on what you want to achieve or honor through this ritual. Are you seeking to cultivate self-love, release old habits, embrace a new phase of life, or connect with your intuition? Take some time to journal your thoughts, paying attention to what feels most pressing or significant to you at this moment. For instance, if you’re embarking on a new career path, your intention might be to embrace courage and confidence. If you’re focusing on self-care, your intention could be to nurture and honor your body and mind, wearing your favorite women’s kimono robe each time you begin. Whatever your intention, make sure it’s specific and heartfelt, as this will guide the rest of your ritual design.

Washable Silk Twill Jia Kimono Wrap
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Pick a Threshold

A threshold in ritual practice is a symbolic act or moment that signifies the transition from the ordinary world into the sacred space of your ritual. It’s a way to mark the beginning of your intentional time and create a clear boundary between your everyday life and your ritual practice.

Choosing a threshold can be as simple or elaborate as you like. It might involve lighting a candle, ringing a bell, playing a specific piece of music, or even taking a few deep breaths. We designed our luxury silk robes to be threshold pieces — pieces that help you step into the sacred self care space that you so often miss out on during the busyness of everyday. The key to choosing a threshold is to select something that feels significant to you and helps you shift your mindset from the mundane to the sacred.

Consider where and when you will perform your ritual. Will it be in a quiet corner of your home, outdoors in nature, or perhaps in a dedicated space like a meditation room? The environment you choose can enhance your sense of crossing a threshold into a special time and place. For example, if your intention is to start the day with mindfulness, your threshold could be sitting down with a cup of tea, wrapped in your luxuriously soft floral kimono robe, and taking a moment to breathe deeply as you set your mind for the day ahead. If you’re marking a personal milestone, you might create a small altar with meaningful objects and light a candle to signify the start of your ritual. There are no wrong answers!

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Do Something Meaningful

At the heart of your ritual is the meaningful action or series of actions you will perform. This is where you bring your intention to life through tangible, symbolic acts. The possibilities are endless, and what you choose should align with your intention and feel personally significant.

Think about activities that resonate with you and support your intention. These could be physical actions, such as yoga, dance, or stepping into your women’s kimono robe and going for a nature walk; creative expressions, like drawing, writing, or crafting; or contemplative practices, such as meditation, prayer, or journaling. The important thing is that these actions are meaningful to you and help you connect with the intention you set.

For instance, if your intention is to nurture self-love, you might create a ritual that includes a luxurious bath with essential oils, followed by a meditation in your plus size long robe where you focus on self-compassion and affirmations of love for yourself. If you’re celebrating a new beginning, you might write down your hopes and dreams for this new chapter, then symbolically release them into the world by planting a tree or scattering flower petals. Don’t be afraid to get creative and tailor the actions to what feels right for you. Your ritual is a personal expression of your journey, so make it as unique as you are.

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Offer Gratitude

Closing your ritual with an expression of gratitude is a powerful way to seal the experience and honor the time you’ve dedicated to yourself. Gratitude helps you acknowledge the significance of your ritual and how it is actively changing your life.

Take a few moments to reflect on the experience and what it has brought to you. You might offer thanks for the insights you’ve gained, the sense of peace you’ve found in simply quietly resting in your women’s kimono robe, or the commitment you’ve made to your deepest intention. Gratitude can be expressed in many ways, such as speaking aloud, writing in a journal, or simply holding a quiet, heartfelt moment of appreciation. Consider incorporating a small, symbolic act of gratitude into your ritual. This could be offering a flower to the earth, writing a thank you note to yourself, or sharing a moment of silence in reverence for the experience. The act doesn’t need to be grand or elaborate; what matters is that it feels genuine and heartfelt.

Creating your own ritual is a deeply personal and empowering practice. Embrace the process, and allow your ritual to bring you a beautiful sense of peace. You deserve it.

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