5 Ways to Make Valentine's Day Feel Special for the One You Love

As Valentine's Day approaches next week, there is a little extra love in the air and it’s a beautiful time to celebrate the connections that make life so very meaningful. While we think every season is a great season to show someone how much you care, we also love the tradition of Valentine’s Day to remind us that loving expression is important in every relationship. Whether you have a romantic partner, a best friend, or a parent or child you adore, sharing your love is a vital way to enrich your own life. Even for the quietest or most introverted among us, expressing your love doesn’t have to be a big challenge. There are so many ways to say I love you and plenty of ways to show the ones you love how much you care.

We love the traditional gift giving options of this season of love — red roses and heart-shaped chocolates are always hits for romance and friendship alike. But when you want to up the magic factor for your partner or loved one, there are a handful of ways to make the holiday even more meaningful with a little extra thought. From personalized moments to everyday luxury, some ideas bring a little extra beauty and meaning to your Valentine’s Day celebration. So here are five simple ways to make Valentine’s Day feel extra special for the one you love the most.

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Set Aside a Special Moment

Sometimes we say “I love you” so much to the ones we love in an off-handed way. It almost loses its meaning when we say it so much! One way to make someone in your life feel so very special is to set aside time to make a beautiful moment and tell them how much you love them. Perhaps as they’re doing their wind-down evening routine, dressed in their long kimono robe, you can simply take their hand, look at them in the mirror and share your feelings with intention and tenderness. This can go such a long way and doesn’t cost a thing!

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Speak Their Love Language

Of course we all know how we like to give gifts, but it’s sometimes more important to think about how your loved one likes to receive gifts instead. The five love languages are gifts, acts of service, quality time, words of affirmation, and physical touch. Think about which of those love languages sounds most like the person you love. Would they appreciate a gift of a silky floral robe or perhaps a walk through the woods holding hands? Would they like to spend time cuddled up on the couch with you draped in their floral kimono robe watching their favorite movie, or perhaps they’d simply like you to do the dishes! Whatever you think they’d love the most, speak their language and you’ll see how much it delights them.

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Gift Them Everyday Luxury

While Valentine’s Day is a wonderful celebratory day, at KIM+ONO we think every day should be a little more meaningful and a little more luxurious. Think about gifts you could give them that would elevate their everyday. Perhaps you buy a candle in a scent that makes them feel calm and rested. Or you gift them a silk kimono robe that they can wear inside to lounge and take care of themselves, or wear out on the town for a brunch date with friends. Choosing something that elevates their everyday will remind them just how loved they are every day as well.

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Surprise Them with Something Unnecessary

If you and your partner are like many couples, you have a budget that you more or less stick to from month to month. You know your needs, your savings, and then there’s your wants. If you’re parents as well, it’s easy for your wants to get crowded out by your children’s wants and needs. And if your partner keeps saying “oh I don’t need anything!” you can be certain there’s something they would love that they are just not buying for themselves. Valentine’s Day is a great moment for a completely unnecessary gift. Whether it’s a beach vacation or bringing the spa day home to them with a floral kimono robe, getting something “unnecessary” is a beautiful way to tell them they’re worth it. 

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Schedule Alone Time For Them

Sometimes the most wonderful thing you can give someone is time and space. If your loved one is inundated with work, caring for family and friends, and the everyday responsibilities that come with being an adult, a little extra time and space can mean the world to them. Perhaps you present them with a beautiful silk kimono robe and let them know you’ll be out of the house for the day and to enjoy! Or book them a spa day and send them on their way. Or if you want to get really involved, schedule time off with their employer and present them with a flight to a warm place, a floral kimono cover up, and let them know you’ll see them in a couple days! Even just giving them an evening to themselves is a way to take care of them and show them how much you love them.

This Valentine’s Day, consider the ways you like to feel loved. Is there a way you can bring that to others? It’s so important and meaningful to bring love into our everyday lives. Even when we know how much we care about each other, telling each other, giving each other little surprises, speaking each other’s love languages, gifting each other beautifully luxurious gifts like silky floral robes we can use every day, and carving out time and space for each other to reconnect with ourselves are all wonderful ways to make each other feel cared for and loved.

Share with us the ways you and your Valentine are celebrating this year! And of course if you’re wearing or gifting one of our short or long kimono robes, don’t forget to tag us on social so we can celebrate your love too!

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