Wearing it Well: Liz Wang and the Simple Beauty of Her Kimono Robes

KIM+ONO is a handcrafted kimono company keen on making the beautiful, luxurious, simple things a part of your every day. Whether it’s choosing the perfect kimono fabric for a gentle morning at home, or picking out your favorite wellness tools to bring a little more self care to your life, we want to fill your day with a sense of connection and calm. So when we find other women in our community who share that same love for simplicity and beauty, we just have to connect with them. That’s how we found photographer and kimono robe enthusiast Liz Wang.

Silk Kiku Kimono Robe
Photo by Liz Wang
Simple Things and Kimono Robes with Photographer Liz Wang

Liz is an amazing photographer who has captured the depth and balance of our kimono patterns beautifully in her work. Whether she’s photographing herself wearing her short kimono robe or using it as a piece of art to hang up at home, we love how Liz uses her eye for design to bring out the calm and serenity of everyday objects. That alignment is why we wanted to feature Liz and her creative process today on the blog.

KIM+ONO Store in Chinatown, San Francisco
Photo by Liz Wang
Her Photographic Beginnings 

Tell us about what first interested you in photography and how you got started. 

My father kindly bought me my first camera, and my grandfathers on both sides of the family were photographers themselves. I also grew up traveling a lot with my family, and I wanted to capture the subtleties that gave these places their unique story and personality. These formed my early experiences in visual storytelling and they were so formative! 

Where do you find your inspiration for your photography? 

So many places, and it’s always evolving. First it started with travel photography, as I mentioned above. Later, as I grew to spend more of my life indoors (thanks to becoming a working adult), I started to appreciate the aspects of a beautiful space or environment that I always wanted to have around. I love using photography as a way to explore these textures of an environment that bring joy and inspiration. 

Your mantra for your photography is "to seek the light, shadows, whimsy, simplicity, and happiness found in everyday life" — what images or scenes do that the most for you?

I love thoughtfully designed spaces that allow me to play with light and angles as a photographer. Scenes that I love include a quiet, light-filled corner of a room; still life such as a delicately-poured latte on a cafe table; or remnants of a delicious dinner in a beautifully designed restaurant. 

How do you bring that mantra into your everyday life?

I seek those quiet moments that give a sense of peace, serenity, and mindfulness towards the little details. It’s in these textures that I find the most joy in my own life. I’m very into self-care, cozy reading corners, and nightly rituals that allow me to gently unwind at the end of a busy day. 

Silk Kiku Kimono Robe
Photo by Liz Wang
The Gorgeous Texture of Liz’s Kimono Robes 

What does the experience of wearing a floral kimono robe feel like for you? 

It feels so luxurious, elevated, and relaxing all at the same time. The silk texture of my favorite flower kimono robe has such an even, cooling touch. The beautiful neutral palette and gentle floral strokes impart a sense of softness and elegance that I love being enveloped in. 

How have you brought your kimono robe into your everyday life? 

Absolutely — I love slipping into it at the end of the day, or starting out my mornings with it while I am doing my skincare routine or putting on makeup. The kimono robes add that extra dimension to the experience of getting ready.

Silk Kiku Kimono Robe
Photo by Liz Wang
Liz’s Advice for Pursuing Simplicity and Beauty

What do you hope your photography imparts to your followers? 

I hope to share calmness and mindfulness through my photography. I try to photograph subjects that spark joy to me, and in turn, I hope that people can in some ways experience that joy in seeing my work.

Any advice for people who are pursuing a simpler, lighter lifestyle? 

I try to live with fewer, but better things these days. It’s so easy to want to collect so many experiences and things, with how accessible everything seems. But when I live with the intention of owning fewer, but seeking more meaningful, well-built objects and experiences, I find that I’m less mentally burdened with excessive things or distractions. It’s so, so important for my happiness to try to live this way. 

You've been able to pursue your dreams and find your artistic voice, any advice for others trying to do the same? 

Thank you so much! I think this is still very much a work in progress for me. I’d say that it’s so important to keep an open mind about your potential and what you can learn, and to notice all the voices, experiences, and works out there. It’s so inspiring to see and be a part of a community of creators, and that’s really what’s helped me stay motivated and inspired!

Silk KIku Kimono Robe
Photo by Liz Wang
Kimono Robes, Heritage, Lightness

Whether it’s taking up the heritage of the photographers in her family, or trying to live with more intentionality and simplicity, we are so inspired by Liz and what she has created through her photography. It can be difficult to find those subtle, soft moments in our every day, but Liz shows that with a little bit of attention to what you bring into your home and focusing on the quality of those items instead of the quantity, you can find that sense of serenity to help you stay present and grateful for what you have. 

We love Liz’s work and hope you will check out her full story and more of her photography over on her website. You can also follow her on Instagram @thismodernlifestyle

And keep your eyes peeled for us to team up on a giveaway with Liz this fall so we can share our love of quality handcrafted kimono robes with one lucky winner!

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