Kimono Robes for the Modern (Wo)man

If you take the word kimono back to its roots, it simply was the Japanese word for “clothing”. Later on, it evolved to mean specifically traditional Japanese clothing. As they came into popularity in the Heian period, manufacturers began producing these pieces with the “straight-line-cut” method. Essentially, they’d cut straight lines of fabric, sew them together, and this meant they wouldn’t have to have multiple sizes and fits. The kimono would drape differently on every body type, but it would be the same cut. Eventually, kimono style developed and people began wearing these pieces as lightweight layers and integrated them into their everyday style. This is the history that KIM+ONO founders, sisters Renee and Tiffany Tam, drew upon when coming up with their modern kimono robes for the modern woman.

The Inspiration for Modern Kimono Style

Renee and Tiffany spent their childhoods watching their parents work with the same family of artisans in China for decades as they handcrafted kimono robes and other beautiful, traditional goods. As the sister grew up and came into their own, they decided to take the historical roots of the traditional Japanese kimono and use it as inspiration for modern kimono style. That style is focused on the modern woman. 

The modern woman is strong, soft, beautiful, and versatile. She is a work of art. She has many roles, wears many hats, and has many dreams. She is a boss, a mom, an artist, a CEO, a teacher, and the cornerstone of her community, no matter how big or small. When the Tam sisters design the kimono styles for their brand, it’s this modern woman they have in mind. And each piece reflects a quality of that modern woman. Here’s a round up of the inspiring qualities of the modern woman and the kimono styles to match them.

Silk Lotus Kimono Robe
Photo by Angie Silvy
A Kimono Style as Strong as You Are

KIM+ONO has several collections of different materials. From Charmeuse to Silk and everything in between, we’re always choosing fabrics with luxury and femininity in mind. But as we thought about the modern woman, we realized she needs an option to have both luxury and strength. The modern woman is strong, carrying many things at once — running a household, running a career, running around town to contribute to her community. She has a durable spirit, and we wanted to offer a kimono material to match it. That’s where our Washable Silk Collection comes in. It’s both functional and elegant. With a slightly thicker silk, this kimono style is one that’s easy to wear and easy to wash. Simply care for it by washing in cold water on a gentle cycle and then hang to dry. It’s the luxury the modern woman wants, and the strength she needs when she’s off and running. Whether layering or lounging, this piece is strong and soft, just like you.

Silk Kiku Kimono Robe
Photo by Delbarr Moradi
A Beautiful White Kimono Robe for a Beautiful Woman

The quality we think of most when we think of the modern kimono robe and the modern woman is: beautiful. We’ve come to an age where our culture is that much closer to recognizing the beauty in all body types, not just those deemed attractive by a small fragment of society. We wanted to create modern kimono robes for the beauty of the modern woman, like this gorgeous white kimono robe. Our pieces are meant to drape effortlessly with a fluid curve around each beautiful shape. We do not have seams in the shoulders of our kimono robes, echoing the historical traditions of the piece, and this allows each piece to fall uniquely on each unique body type. We believe beauty is in the distinctive attributes of each woman, and we strive for each piece to highlight those beautiful qualities.

Peony & Butterfly Kimono Robe
Photo by Delbarr Moradi
The Versatility of a Maxi Kimono Robe

The modern woman is nothing if not versatile. From dawn to dusk, you are wearing many hats and being many things to many people. KIM+ONO recognizes and honors this. That’s why we created a line of kimono robes that are just as versatile as you are. Slip on a maxi kimono robe at any point during your day, and you’ve got an amplification of whatever role you’re playing. Wear it in the morning to lounge and bring some calm to the hustle and bustle of the beginning of the day. Drape it over your shoulders as a lightweight layer for the office. Choose it as your happy hour statement piece, pairing it with jeans and a camisole shirt underneath. And then finish up your day with an evening routine where you slow down, maybe sip some tea, and float around your home in this maxi kimono robe. Whether you wear these kimono robes in or out, they are ready to meet you wherever you are with whatever mood you’re in.

Handpainted Cherry Blossom Kimono Robe
Photo by Stephanie Russo
You Are a Work of Art: And So is Your Kimono Robe

At KIM+ONO, we believe the modern woman is a work of art. She takes lessons she’s learned in the past and applies them to the needs of today. She keeps changing and shifting, adapting to what’s new, and bringing her own flair and style to her life. Each day, she brings something new to life. This artistry is something we value almost above all else. Renee and Tiffany have worked with the same family of artisans to help bring this quality into each handpainted piece. A pink kimono robe isn’t just a pink kimono robe when it’s handcrafted and handpainted. It’s as unique as you are, offering a piece that looks just as good hanging as it does being worn. The handpainting process takes seven days from start to finish. It begins with sketching the design by hand, then saturating it in rich watercolors with a traditional paintbrush. That’s why each handpainted piece is slightly different. It’s not just an item of clothing, it’s a work of art — just like you.

The New Tradition of the Modern Kimono Robe

We hope that as we offer modern kimono robes for the modern woman, we are starting a new tradition. One that honors all the ways women contribute to their families and communities. We hope our pieces honor your strength, your versatility, your beauty, and sees you for who you truly are: a work of art. Browse our collection of beautiful kimono styles and find the one you love the most to add just a touch of luxury to your every day. Because you deserve it.

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