How to Make Holiday Gifting Easier with Batching

We are in full swing! The holiday season has officially arrived, and with it comes the joy (and sometimes stress!) of giving. At KIM+ONO, we know that even with the best of intentions, finding the perfect gifts for the ones you love can become overwhelming fast. Attempting to find the perfect gift, organizing the details, from choosing to shipping to wrapping, can leave you feeling on edge and short on time. When our co-founders, sisters Renee and Tiffany Tam created their modern kimono robe company, they wanted to speak to the modern woman and create an experience, from ordering to receiving that was luxurious, thoughtful, intentional — something that brings you a sense of peace, even when life is hurried and fast.

So in that spirit, today in the journal we want to share one simple way to make holiday gifting a bit easier. This is where batching comes in. It’s a time-saving strategy that can transform your holiday shopping experience from a stressful one, to an intentional, joyful one. If you’ve never batched tasks before, gifting is a great place to start because there are so many steps. . So below, read on to discover what the batching technique is and how to use it to streamline your holiday gifting process. Plus, we'll share some tips on making the most out of your holiday shopping (for floral kimono robes and beyond!). So grab your favorite hot cup of tea or coffee, get cozy, and get ready to put the best batching plan in place for an easy holiday gifting season.

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What is Batching and How to Use It

Meet the batching technique.  Batching is a productivity technique where you group similar tasks together and tackle them in a dedicated time frame. By batching like-tasks together during a singular timeframe, you get to reduce your context switching. You can focus solely on one thing at a time. For instance, instead of toggling back and forth between your work website and a shopping website, set aside time to do one or the other. If you’re looking for luxurious gifts for the loved ones in your life, you could batch some research time to find the perfect plus size kimono duster, men’s kimono robe, or maxi kimono robe for everyone all at once, instead of jumping from gift to gift. Research everything all at once and take notes or create a wish list! When batching holiday shopping, you can also consider consolidating your online shopping to save time and reduce stress. Rather than sporadically shopping for gifts throughout the season, you set aside specific periods to focus solely on your gifting needs. This not only helps you stay organized but also maximizes your efficiency, allowing you to make thoughtful choices for each person on your list without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

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Write Your List Ahead of Time

The first step to successful batching is planning. Before diving into the holiday shopping frenzy that may already instigate some feelings of stress before you even begin, take some time to create a comprehensive gift list. Break it down by recipients, jotting down their preferences and any specific requests they've expressed. Whether it's a women's floral kimono wrap or a men's kimono robe, having a detailed list ensures you don't forget anyone and helps you tailor your gift choices to each person's unique taste. It can also help you to see where you’re shopping, find ways to reduce packages by shopping in fewer locations, and make sure you’re purchasing handcrafted items that feel aligned with your values, and not just random items to check gifts off your list.

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Sign Up for the Best Discounts

One of the perks of batching is the ability to capitalize on discounts and special offers! And if you’re reading this on the day we publish the blog post, our biggest sale of the season is happening now for our entire site! Many retailers do the same thing, so set aside time to sign up for the newsletters and email lists that will keep you in the loop as soon as those sales go live. For KIM+ONO, you can get up to 25% on everything on our site (including Last Edit final sale items!) like our signature plus size kimono duster. By thinking ahead and staying informed, your holiday gifting can go a little further without compromising on the quality and style your loved ones deserve.

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Set a Time to Go Shopping Online

Once your list is ready and your discount codes are emailed to you, set a specific time to go shopping online. Batching your online shopping allows you to navigate through different websites efficiently, comparing prices and reading reviews to make decisions. It helps you stay focused, and if you set a timer, you’ll be able to bite off the right amount of shopping. You don’t have to do everything at once! For instance, you might start shopping for a maxi kimono robe for your sister, and then come back the following day to find men's kimono robe options for your husband. By dedicating a focused block of time, you'll avoid the overwhelming and never-ending nature of the internet!

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Save Time with Gift Wrap Services

Our Furoshiki Gift Wrap service is an easy way to add heritage and elegance to your gifting and also save on time. Once you've selected the perfect maxi kimono robe or plus size kimono duster, you can easily select the gift wrapping option and complete the final touches of your gift without lifting a finger. Furoshiki is the traditional process of handwriting a gift in cloth. It’s a sustainable, elegant, intentional way to enhance the overall experience for your loved one. It's the little details that make a big difference, turning a thoughtful gift into a meaningful experience.

Holiday gifting can be joyful. It’s true! By embracing the power of batching and following these simple steps, you can make your holiday shopping experience more efficient and enjoyable. Take the time to write your list, sign up for discounts, set a dedicated shopping time, and add the perfect gift wrap service  to ensure a smooth and stress-free holiday season.

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