Celebrating Women Who Run the World

When co-founders, sisters Renee and Tiffany Tam, began creating women’s silk robes — they were focused on bringing their own heritage to life and creating short and maxi kimono robes that worked for their everyday lives. But as they soon realized, what resonated with them as women, mothers, and entrepreneurs, resonated with many other women as well. For years, customers who come into our brick and mortar store in San Francisco and members of our online community have shared how these pieces have meant so much in the big and small moments of their lives. There is something incredibly special about women sharing their experiences with each other, and Renee and Tiffany have taken all of these conversations to heart. So much so, that now each design doesn’t just take on the Tam family’s history, but also the history and experiences of all the women they’ve met over the years through these beautiful women’s silk robes.


So as we celebrate Women’s History Month, we want to recognize the community of women that has been working to make the world a better place for all of us. We have been through so much in the history of this country as women, and we have also had so much to celebrate. This past year in particular has been an inspiring one when it comes to the things women have been able to accomplish. Whether through motherhood, art, sports, business, politics, education, science, math or so much more, women are making contributions in every sector of our lives. So today, and every day, we celebrate the women who run the world and make it a better place. (And by the way, this includes you!)


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Facts About Women’s History Month that You May Not Know

Here are some things you may not know about Women’s History Month and the history of women in this country. While we’ve made huge strides in gender equity, it was only 1974 when women got the right to have their own credit card in their own name! It sounds implausible now, but that’s just one example of how far we’ve come in recent years. Today, women outnumber men as we grow older by about 2 to 1, according to the 2022 Census and the population of women in the United States is 51%. And yet, the United States Congress is only made up of 27% women. This gap is a huge impediment to advocacy for women’s issues and is certainly something we want to see improve year after year.


While we each have our own anecdotal evidence of the gender pay gap, there is also a phenomenon that’s getting more attention in past years called: the motherhood penalty. According to hiring research, hiring managers tend to be less likely to hire mothers than women who do not have children. And then when mothers are offered jobs, they face the “motherhood penalty” where they end up earning less after they become mothers. Conversely, men have been found to receive a “fatherhood bonus,” earning more after becoming fathers. While there are many factors that go into this, and you can’t point to just one data point for why the pay gap exists, we do know that more representation of women in hiring positions and positions of leadership can help even the playing field. 


There are so many ways in which women have fought for equal rights and equal opportunities, and there have been so many ways in which we have succeeded! From seeing women rise up in fields of medicine, business, and even in higher education, to seeing more body inclusivity campaigns, like our women’s plus size kimono robes, across brands and companies, we are seeing changes and acceptance of women’s needs.


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The Celebrities Who Inspired Us This Year

We were inspired all year by the celebrities, athletes, and artists who shared the joys and successes of their lives with us. We loved watching Serena Williams show off her incredible prowess and technical skill this summer in the U.S. Open. We absolutely swooned for the halftime show at the Super Bowl where Rhianna announced her pregnancy in a powerful performance. We fell in love with the love of Gwen Stefani, who got ready for her wedding day to Blake Shelton in a white maxi kimono robe. And we celebrated the beginning of summer with Jennifer Lopez who also rang in the sweet, summer season with a maxi kimono robe and kitten heels. No matter how these celebrities shared their lives with us, we’ve loved celebrating their athleticism, artistry, love, and style.


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The Women Who Inspire Us in Our Community

We have also been inspired all year by the women in our own communities who have shared their stories with us by coming into the store or writing us emails. We’ve had customers share that they gifted a plus size kimono robe to their best friend after medical surgery to help them feel a little bit of luxury when they healed. We’ve heard of mothers gifting women’s silk robes to their daughters for their wedding days and beyond. And we’ve heard about women who’ve purchased their own women’s plus size kimono robe to celebrate a divorce or move or big life change that affirms and validates their truest, best selves. In all of these ways, we celebrate the moments in women's lives that create their life stories. You are constantly inspiring us, and you have done so tenfold this year.


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Our Hopes and Goals for Women in 2023

We hope that this year, in 2023, you become even more of yourself. We hope each time you wrap up in your women’s silk robe or step into an evening gown or even just lounge around the house in your sweatpants, you feel confident in your own skin. Women are amazing and we hope that you each feel your power and strength each and every day. Together we will continue to making strides forward for equality and will continue celebrating all the amazing things women accomplish every day.

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