A Guide to Neutral Kimono Robes

Your busy day likely begins with a blaring alarm clock (or child!) and ends with an exhausted crash into bed. All day long, you’re moving from event to event, and responsibility to responsibility, so it can feel like you’re swept up by the whirlwind, without much time to breathe or slow down. We know from our own experience that nature is the one place that acts as a respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The beautiful waters of the Pacific, the Redwood trees, the breeze of the coast, or the simplicity of the desert all help to bring a busy mind back down to the ground.

That’s partially why we love a beautiful neutral kimono robe so much. The earth tones of a beige floral kimono robe gives you that grounded feeling with tones that echo the tones you’ll find in nature. Not to mention, the beautiful floral kimono patterns are an added botanical bonus. Today on the blog, we’re rounding up some of our favorite neutral Earth tone kimono robes and sharing how we hope they bring you a sense of calm, beauty, groundedness, and connection to nature and your place in it.

Handpainted Cherry Blossom Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio
A Whimsical Beige Floral Kimono Robe

This dream of a beige floral kimono robe is a grounding, calming piece for many reasons. With the 100% silk fabric, it’s brings a sweet softness to your skin every time you wear it. Not only that, but this is handpainted piece that takes seven days to craft from beginning to end. And with the neutral, earth tone of the color “dream”, it’s the perfect amalgamation of elements to help bring you a deeper breath and a moment to be still. This beige floral kimono robe is an instant pick-me-up for the end of the day as you’re winding down, or as a constant reminder throughout the day, when worn with a simple tee and jeans, to walk slower, breath deeper, and feel sweeter. 

Handpainted Cherry Blossom Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio
Your Beige Kimono Robe Inspired Accessories

While you’re in neutral Earth tone territory, our suggestion is to go all in. Earth tones don’t always have to be a backdrop or palette cleanser from a splashier color combination. In fact, with earth tones, we tend to think more is more. And that includes your accessories. We love pairing this beige kimono robe with a woven basket tote bag. While you stick to one color palette, it’s fun to mix up the textures with the softness of the kimono robe and roughness of the woven rope. One fun style exercise is to round up all the earth tones in your closet that fall into the beige or straw category and see what beautiful combinations you can put together. (And if you add a kimono robe into the mix, show us on Instagram!)

Iku Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio
A Modern Kimono Robe Pattern Pops Against Neutral Tones

With our latest Modern Abstract Collection, the design team has brought the elements of simplicity, minimalism, and breath to each style. The kimono pattern of dark beautiful botanicals against the “bone” color of our latest styles brings a subtle drama to this gentle look. The dark and light colors play with cool and warm tones, bringing the eye to the kimono robe’s different elements equally. With a kimono pattern that repeats to cover the entire neutral charmeuse fabric, there is a meditative quality to both the color and the design, making this a piece that we hope will bring you into the present moment easily and often.

Mio Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio
A Maxi Kimono Robe with Maximum Ease

The new Mio Kimono Robe in “snow” is one of our favorites for brining a sense of calm and ease to whomever wears it. This maxi kimono robe is the epitome of simplicity. The charmeuse material is easy to launder; set it to a delicate cycle with cold water in the washing machine and simply hang to dry. The beautiful drape of the long maxi kimono robe length adds dimension and style to any outfit. Of course, we love pairing it with other earth tones to bring out its natural beauty. And the gorgeous snow color evokes an immediate feeling of peace and simplicity. All things we wish for you throughout your day as you wear this beauty.

Washable Silk Kiku Kimono Robe
Photo by Miranda Taylor De Lay
A Classic Beige Beauty in a Washable Silk Kimono Robe

There is something stunning and simple about the Kiku design. With wisping florals and gentle curls of the petal design, the details are the main event in this classic and simple kimono pattern. We love this beige kimono robe for early morning meditations as much as we love it for jaunts about town over your favorite simple dress. Dressed up or down, this beige beauty is washable silk, which means you feel all of the softness of our 100% silk material and all the laundering ease of our charmeuse blends. The neutral Earth tone palette of florals against the beige silks brings an effortlessness to the look and, hopefully, a calmness to your mind.

Aimi Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio
The Grounded Hues in Your Maxi Kimono Robe

We love the natural elements and their corresponding colors because of the way they can realign our perspective. That’s partially why we love the toffee color of this maxi kimono robe so much. It’s got the dynamism of dramatic browns you may find in nature. From bark to earth to the changing leaves in autumn, this maxi kimono robe’s toffee color is a nod toward all the beautiful ways nature simultaneously grounds us and lifts us up.

From browns to beiges to whites and beyond, the neutral palette is one that serves our style and our mind. Mixing them with complementing materials, shining the spotlight on their kimono patterns, and wearing them at home or out on the town, your kimono robes are the foundation for a beautiful style that’s as unique as you are. 

Bring these earthly elements to life with your own take on classic styles and modern designs. And share them with us! We love seeing your kimono style, so tag us @kimandono_ and #swaythisway for a chance to be featured on our page.

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