6 Fun Ways to Survive the Winter Indoors with Your Kids

If you’re like us and in the northern hemisphere, winter is in full swing, make the days shorter, the nights longer, and the outdoors, well, colder. And if you have little ones (as many of our customers do!), then you know that with less daylight and more cold weather comes the tricky balance of finding fun indoor winter activities for families. Whether you’re trying to avoid the local flu outbreak, or one of your clan has already come down with something, or temperatures are just too cold to go anywhere, getting stuck indoors can take a toll on the whole family. Pretty soon, you might be feeling the cabin fever.

And we get it! Even though we’re all for those lounge around the house days with nowhere to go and nothing to do, with notifications turned off and some good tunes turned way up, that’s not exactly the vibe with small children at home. But never fear. We are back today on the journal with some fun ways to keep your kids happy and you vibrating high, even when you’re stuck inside all day long. Here are eight fun indoor winter activities for kids that will help you survive without losing your mind:

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Set an Intention for the Day

If you’re like us, you check the weather the night before to see what can actually be accomplished the next day. If it’s looking like a full blown winter storm outside and you know you’ll be inside with the kids for 24 hours, commit to a little bit of self care. And all that means is: set your intention for the day. When you wake up in the morning (or, when your kids wake you up in the morning), slip into your green kimono robe to remind yourself you can find a little luxury in even the smallest of moments. Light a candle or diffuse some essential oils to fill the house with a positive vibe. Start the day with the intention that you’ll do your best and that’s all you have to do. Come back to your breath throughout the day as much as you need to remind yourself: you’ve got this.

Peony & Butterfly Kimono Robe
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Have an Extravagant Breakfast

Once you’re already in your green kimono robe, we say keep it on for breakfast! In fact, make your entire breakfast an extravagant and fun moment for the whole family. If you’re up for it, get the kids together to make pancakes and let them choose their toppings: bananas, chocolate chips, coconut flakes, blueberries, the possibilities are endless. Or if you’re feeling extra, order breakfast in! Call up your local coffee shop or Postmate your kid’s favorite breakfast. Changing up your usual breakfast routine is one way to keep your kids on their toes and, to be honest, an easy way to avoid the meal prep burnout for you. If you know you’re going to be making breakfast, lunch, and dinner, give yourself a break first thing in the day to make sure your energy can carry you through the rest.

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Find Ways to Connect with Nature

Nature is a proven stress reducer. The moment human beings step outside into nature, their heart rates slow and their breaths become longer and deeper. The phenomenon of “grounding” is that even just 30 minutes of having your feet in the dirt and grass can be good for your mood. If it’s so cold that you can’t get outside, bring nature to you! If you’re wearing a beautiful floral kimono cardigan, ask your kids to tell you a story about the kimono patterns they see. Or work on a window garden with the kids while you’re inside. If you’re feeling really inspired and you have older kids, you can even make your own indoor vertical garden. 

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Create an Indoor Scavenger Hunt

One puzzle that doesn’t make a mess and will keep your kids occupied is… a scavenger hunt! That’s right. We love the idea that you can create your very own scavenger hunt to keep your kids on the move from room to room in the house. It’s a fun and unexpected way to make your kids feel excited about being stuck in the house, and affords you a little “me time”. While the kids are hunting down the next clue, you can slip into your black floral kimono robe, make yourself a cup of tea, and enjoy the fact that they’re only on clue 3 of 23.

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Do Crafts Without Clean Up

Crafts are a great way to keep your kids’ and your attention during a long day inside. But maybe you feel averse because of the clean up involved. We get it! That’s why any paper crafts like origami, Nintendo Labo, paper dolls, and more, are great ideas to keep everyone entertained, not stained. You can stay wrapped up in your floral kimono cardigan without fear of getting it dirty, and relax while the whole gang works on a craft together.

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Don’t Rush

Maybe this last tip seems counterintuitive. But in our haste to “get to bedtime”, we can forget that these days are the sweetest. Enjoy your kids for as long as you can while they’re at home and wanting to hang with you. Sometimes, the best way to have a good time is turn off all the screens and just go with the flow. Let your little ones guide you. They’re never at a loss for the next great idea or the next epically cool thing they’ve just discovered. Kids are natural explorers, always finding out about life. If you stay connected to them and their sense of wonder throughout the day, you may just feel energized at the end of it.

This winter, we’re thinking of you, mama! We know you are in a constant balancing act. And if you feel trapped indoors, we hope you remember to slip into your favorite kimono robe and add a little bit of luxury to your day. You deserve to wrap yourself in luxury and be well, especially on snow days.

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