5 Unexpected Ways to Prepare for the Holidays

It’s officially November, and that means it’s officially the holiday season! From Halloween through New Year’s Eve, there will be parties and events and school functions and after the past few years, we have to admit, it does feel good to get out and about at these events. While we may have adjusted to staying at home and hanging back from holiday events in the past couple of years, it feels good to be able to go out and experience the holiday season with family and friends again.

But if you, like us, look at the calendar and realize you have a lot on your plate this holiday season, then you, like us, may be feeling tired already! We get it. While we love leaning into the holiday spirit, we also know the value and importance of leaning into self care during this busy season. And one way to practice self care is to practice taking care of your future self and getting prepared for those inevitable moments when chaos may arise. So what better time than the beginning of November to prepare for the holiday season! This week in the journal, we’re rounding up a few unexpected ways you can prepare for the holidays and make sure you’re feeling less mayhem and more magic all season long. Read on to learn our holiday prep tips and organization ideas.

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Use a Three Month Calendar

Of all the times of year when it’s helpful to look at an entire quarter, this may be the best! While we use the quarterly calendar a lot in our workplaces, we may not use it as much at home. But the holidays are a perfect time to start thinking in longer stretches. Not only can you see the big events from a 30,000 foot view, but you can also see the downtime. Sometimes even just knowing you can slip into your silk kimono robe and curl up with a good book is enough to give you peace of mind when activities start to get chaotic. So our suggestion is to get or make your own three month calendar. Plug in all the events you already know you’re going to, and maybe some deadlines for shipping your floral kimono robe gifts (wink!). Then see where you can give a little more and take a little more. Make sure you schedule in some downtime for your future self, and she will certainly thank you.

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Start Your Shopping A Little Earlier Than Usual

We know the rush that can happen last minute with holiday gifts. And we also know, you may not have your head around holiday shopping during the summer. But now is the perfect sweet spot to think about rounding out your holiday list. In the beginning of November, make a gift list and then scope the Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday sales to get the best prices of the season. If you’re signed up for our VIP list, you’ll be the first to shop our best selling short and long kimono dusters — from long kimono robes to short kimono wraps, there is something for everyone on your list. If you start thinking through what you’d like to gift early, then all you have to do when the time comes is shop with the best discounts of the season. Then, you can relax the rest of December and take some of those last minute to-dos off your plate.

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Make Those Household Chores Easier with a Schedule

One thing that can fall to the wayside while we’re gearing up into the holiday event season is our own home. And as you well know, we believe home to be a sanctuary. But it’s easy for that sanctuary to slip when you’re super busy all month long. So to make it easier on yourself, choose certain chores for certain days. Decide ahead of time that every Monday is cleaning the refrigerator or every Friday is for lawn care. Whatever your monthly or weekly tasks are, deciding ahead of time when you’re going to do them can make their execution that much easier. And one way to stick to the schedule is to reward yourself every so often when those chores get done! Wear your long kimono robe, do a face mask, burn a candle, and bask in your comfortable and comforting sanctuary of a home.

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Meal Plan with Your Event Calendar

Along the lines of planning ahead for your future self, pick out some easy go-to meals that you can prep in line with your event calendar. If you know you have a party that will fill the kids up on candy and treats on a Saturday night, decide on a big healthy lunch for that day way ahead of time. That makes the whole day run a bit smoother because you don’t have to make decisions the day of. And before you know it, you’ll be back home, everyone will be fed, and you’ll be lounging in front of Netflix in your luxuriously soft silk kimono robe again!

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Make Self Care Time a Regular Calendar Event

Something your future self will thank you for the most? Self care time. Once you take a look at the three month calendar and you see all the plans penciled in, don’t be afraid to erase a few! Replace those plans with whatever says “self care” to you. Maybe that’s a long soak in the bathtub. Or maybe that’s a dinner date with your best friend, instead of the office holiday party. Perhaps that’s a weekend morning lounging in your floral kimono robe until late in the afternoon. Whatever brings you peace is the self care routine for you.

No matter how busy the holidays get this season, we hope you can use our holiday organization tips, find some time to plan ahead, and make them as lovely as possible for yourself. You deserve a holiday season full of family, friends, and time to take care of yourself. We’re wishing you all of the good things this holiday season! 

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