The Best Ways to Bring Aries Energy into Your Spring

As we say our last goodbyes to winter and nature begins to awaken from its hibernating slumber, the arrival of spring is filling us with fresh air. Here at KIM+ONO, the spring season always feels like one of renewal, growth, and vitality. And what better way to embrace the energy of this transformative period than by tapping into the fiery vigor of Aries season?

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, bursts through the winter and into spring with an infectious enthusiasm. It’s the kind of energy that fires up the spirit and propels us forward into action so we can build upon those foundations we’ve been setting the past few weeks. Governed by Mars, the planet of energy, passion, and assertion, the sign of Aries is characterized by its boldness, impulsiveness, and pioneering spirit. It's a time for embarking on new adventures, pursuing your goals with unwavering determination, and fearlessly asserting your individuality. So today in the journal, we’re going to use that fiery Aries energy to herald in our spring. We’ll lean into the astrological moment and bring out our own enthusiastic, passionate nature as we build the foundations taking us into the rest of the year.

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The Feel and Style of Aries Season

Aries season typically falls between March 21st and April 19th, marking the beginning of the astrological new year. It's a time when the collective consciousness taps into the dynamic energy of Aries, inspiring us to break free from the constraints of the past (and the winter if you’re in the northern hemisphere!) and embrace the endless possibilities of the future (the spring!). Aries season energy may show up in the bold conversations you have, the gorgeous long black robe you’re adding to your wardrobe, or the big career swings you’re going to take. During Aries season, there’s a sense of urgency and excitement, urging us to seize the moment and make our mark on the world. It's a time for initiating new projects, taking risks, and embracing change with open arms. Our suggestion is to get dressed in your men’s silk robe or women’s silk robe and head out into the world in Aries-inspired head-turning style. Aries season energy encourages us to trust our instincts, embrace our independence, and fearlessly pursue our passions, no matter what obstacles may stand in our way.

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The Key Astrological Events in This Aries Season

Astrologically speaking, there are several key events and transits to keep an eye out for during Aries season. These can amplify the transformative energy you feel all around you: 

  1. The Sun Enters Aries: As the Sun moves into Aries at the beginning of the season, it illuminates the sky with its fiery radiance, infusing us with vitality, courage, and ambition. This celestial shift heralds a time of new beginnings, fresh starts, and unbridled optimism. Wrap up in your silk floral robe and imagine how you’ll infuse your style with extra exuberance this spring.
  1. Mars in Aries: With Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, also transiting through its home sign during this time, our drive, determination, and assertiveness are magnified. This potent combination of fiery energy can fuel our passions and propel us toward our goals with unstoppable force. Go after the job! Go after the love! Go after whatever is heart-centered for you. 
  1. New Moon in Aries: The New Moon in Aries offers a powerful opportunity to set intentions, plant seeds of inspiration, and initiate new ventures. It's a time for embracing our individuality, asserting our desires, and embarking on bold new adventures. Wrap up in your silk floral robe, grab your favorite journal, light a candle, and set your intentions for a powerful season.
  1. Mercury in Aries: When Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, moves through Aries, our thoughts and ideas are imbued with a sense of urgency and spontaneity. It's a time for speaking our truth, expressing ourselves boldly, and initiating important conversations. Tell someone how much you love them with a men’s silk kimono robe or women’s silk kimono robe that’s perfect for them. Bold statements are a powerful part of Aries season. 
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How to Bring Aries Energy into Your Spring

To fully harness the transformative energy of Aries season, it's essential to mark the moment and set the stage for growth and renewal. Here are a few simple rituals and practices to help you embrace the spirit of Aries:

  1. Set Intentions: Take some time to reflect on your goals, desires, and aspirations for the coming months. Write them down, visualize them manifesting, and declare your intentions to the universe with unwavering conviction. Go back to the archetypes you’ve been embodying and see how you can bring them more into your everyday life. Perhaps you slip into your women’s silk kimono robe when you’re ready to be the powerful matriarch. Or maybe you choose your long black robe when you’re embodying the siren. There are so many ways to set and embody your intentions.
  1. Embrace Movement: Aries is a sign associated with physicality and action, so embrace movement and activity during this time. Whether it's through exercise, dance, or outdoor adventures, find ways to channel your restless energy into productive outlets. Allow yourself to feel the muscularity of the season, break a sweat, and get your heart rate up.
  1. Take Risks: Dare to step outside your comfort zone and embrace the unknown. Whether it's trying something new, taking on a challenge, or speaking your truth, don't be afraid to take calculated risks and trust in your ability to succeed. Wearing a men’s silk robe with a t-shirt and joggers is a perfectly confident way to express and embrace your bold style.
  1. Practice Self-Assertion: Stand tall in your power, speak your mind, and assert your boundaries with confidence and clarity. Aries season is a time for owning your truth, embracing your authenticity, and unapologetically being yourself. At KIM+ONO, our biggest mission is to make sure everyone who wears our silk floral robes feels confident in their own skin. This Aries season, wear the things that make you feel as bold and beautiful as you truly are.

Aries season offers a powerful opportunity to harness the transformative power of passion, courage, and vitality. By embracing the spirit of Aries and aligning with its dynamic energy, you can ignite your inner fire this spring. So seize the moment, set your intentions, and dare to be the fearless, unstoppable force that you were born to be.

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