Material Study: Our In Lieu of Silk Kimono Robes

A beautiful silk kimono robe is one of our favorite items of all time. But sometimes, you want something slightly off the beaten path that gives a nod to classic roots. That’s why we came up with our In Lieu of Silk line — to give you the statement piece you want while adding something completely new to your kimono collection. Today on the blog, we’re diving into this gorgeous, lightweight silk kimono robe collection and sharing why this particular material is such a beauty.

Sakura Kimono Robe
Photo by Stephanie Russo
The Feel of Our In Lieu of Silk Kimono Robes

We chose our In Lieu of Silk material because it’s equal parts strong and soft. With a gorgeous, viscose blend, these maxi kimono robes are sheer and lightweight, making them the perfect option for those warmer months and climates. The viscose blend is durable without losing the softness you love from your other silk pieces. That makes it a perfect summer kimono robe to drape over your shoulders at home or style as a light outer layer around town.

Kameria Kimono Robe
Photo by Stephanie Russo
The Color of Our In Lieu of Silk Kimono Robes

The colors of our In Lieu of Silk line reflect the feel. They’re tranquil, calming, grounded, powerful, and feminine. That’s exactly how we want you to feel when you wear one of these beautiful maxi kimono robes. The Sakura kimono robes boast delicate colors from mauve to taupe to sage. They’re lightweight feel echoes in the lighter colors. Our Kameria kimono robes take a bolder turn. The blue kimono robe is a gorgeous addition to any monochromatic outfit underneath it. Or choose the black or green for another bold choice that reflects the durability and strength of its viscose blend. Every color has been chosen to brighten and elevate your day, no matter which one you choose.

Sakura Kimono Robe

Photo by Stephanie Russo
How to Style Our In Lieu of Silk Kimono Robes

Styling comes easy to these beautiful summer kimono robes. We love a blue kimono robe paired as a top layer to high-waisted flowy pants and a simple camisole. Want to up your workout wardrobe? Use one of these pieces as a sheer kimono cardigan as you travel to and from your workout class. Another suggestion? Grab your favorite pair of denim cutoffs and a tank, slip on some sneakers, and drape your sheer kimono cardigan across your shoulders for a stylish but relaxed look. And one easy way to make this summer kimono robe a hit: use it as a lightweight cover up at the beach over your favorite swimsuit. Our goal is always to make women’s kimono robes as versatile as you are, and with this collection of durable, slightly translucent summer kimono robes, you can feel good about taking it on the go with you, or simply relaxing around your home in style.

No matter your style, our In Lieu of Silk collection can speak to you. Add it to your wardrobe for a quick refresh or gift it as a beautiful present to someone you love. A lightweight silk kimono robe goes a long way, and this collection doesn’t disappoint.

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