A Guide to the Pink Kimono Robe

Of all the different colors in the rainbow, pink has to be our favorite when it comes to kimono style. With its sweet, feminine softness and subtle chromatic strength, the pink kimono robe is a statement unto itself. While most people might consider it a “girly” color, we see pink as a color of complexity. It’s gentle enough to allow various floral patterns to stand out, it pairs beautifully with harsher colors like black and it’s a gorgeous alternative to a white kimono robe for your wedding day. Whatever your reason is for choosing a traditional pink kimono robe above all others, here’s our own round up of our favorites that inspire femininity and strength.

Silk Botan Kimono Robe

Photo by Delbarr Moradi
A Pink Silk Kimono Jacket

This pink silk kimono jacket is one of our absolute favorite ways to masterfully wear pink. With more muted, monochromatic tones underneath, the pink is a subtle elevation from the beige and white while still living in the same color world. What’s beautiful about this particular silk pink kimono jacket is the way it fades into the heavier gray and black tones at the bottom, giving it a beautiful and strong anchor. Pairing this with your favorite work outfit, whether it’s a dress or slacks, is a gorgeous way to incorporate the subtlety of pink into your wardrobe.

Silk Kuren Kimono Robe

Photo by Angie Silvy
The Luxurious Drape of a Flower Kimono Robe

For lounging, what could be better than this beautiful pink flower kimono robe? Its 100% silk material gives the pink a subtle shimmer, making this the ultimate piece for at-home relaxation. With large hand-sketched florals against this cool pink background, this flower kimono robe would be beautiful to wear as your wedding kimono robe that you could also pack to take with you on your honeymoon as you roam around a resort or beach.

Cherry Blossom & Crane Kimono Robe

Photo by Delbarr Moradi
Your Kimono Style at Work

A shorter length may be more your kimono style, and we love this pink kimono robe for just that. Sometimes you just want a pop of color. These gorgeous, bright red cherry blossoms stand out even more against the sweet pink of this kimono style. Whether you’re wearing this in place of your usual work cardigan, or giving yourself an extra layer to wear over a dress during a night out on the town, we love this traditional pink kimono dress for its length, versatility and color statement.

Handpainted Cherry Blossom Kimono Robe

Photo by Stephanie Russo
The Ultimate Pink Kimono Robe

For the ultimate pink kimono robe, we’ve chosen this beauty from our Handpainted Collection. There’s nothing more delicate than handpainted designs against a pink kimono backdrop, and nothing more bold than wearable art! Each of our handpainted pieces are designed in-house in San Francisco, sketched by hand, and then saturated in rich watercolors with a traditional paintbrush. The process to bring this traditional pink kimono robe to life takes seven days from beginning to end, so when you wear this — you know it’s a special piece made uniquely for you.

No matter which pink kimono robe you choose, you can’t go wrong with this complex and gentle color. From its shimmer to how it effortlessly pops other darker colors, pink is a beautiful choice to bring a little more luxury to your every day.

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