Washable Silk Twill Jia Kimono Wrap

$377.20 USD

Washable Silk Jia Long Kimono Robe

$342.70 USD

Washable Silk Jia Short Kimono Robe

$319.70 USD

Jia Long Kimono Wrap

$195.50 USD

Jia Canvas Beach Towel Tote

$66.70 USD

Washable Silk Jia Sleeping Eye Mask

$55.20 USD

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Washable Silk Jia Short Kimono Robe

$319.70 USD

Home is Everything to Us

It’s a sense of peace, safety, rest, ritual, and love. It’s the place we go when we need to reconnect to calm.

When we created the Jia Kimono Robe, we brought our home in Chinatown, SF, to this unique and one of a kind design. Jia, meaning home, is meant to make you feel at home in your own skin.

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Jia Kerchief Scarf

$32.20 USD

Wrap Up Your Gifts With the Symbolism of Home

Tell someone special that they represent home to you, and gift them a sense of home.

It’s about the connections we make and how we’re always stronger when we’re together. We hope our story inspires you to share Jia with the loved ones in your life, to help you create your own sense of home, and remind you that inspiration is all around.

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