Furoshiki Gift Wrap

Gift a little bit of heritage and luxury to someone you love with this traditional gift wrapping service.


What is Furoshiki?

Furoshiki is the traditional art of using fabric as a wrapping cloth – a beautiful and sustainable way to present gifts.

You gift. We wrap.

Beautifully Sustainable

1. The kimono robe is hand-tied with the kimono sash

2. Then placed in a reusable KIM+ONO cloth drawstring bag

3. The drawstring bag is hand-wrapped in a gorgeous Floral Kerchief Scarf

4. And it’s all presented as a thoughtful experience for the gift recipient

*Each Furoshiki wrap fits 1 kimono robes or wrap only

Furoshiki Gift Wrap

Gift Wrapped & Ready

Gift your recipient a one-of-a-kind unboxing experience in addition to the luxury of a beautiful kimono robe.

• Review your Shopping Cart
• Open "Packaging & Gifting" menu
• Select "Furoshiki Gift Wrap" option
• Add your personalized gift message
• Click save to add service to cart
• Complete your order through checkout

With intention and love

DIY Gift Wrap Kit

Elevate your gifting with beautiful supplies you can use to wrap your gifts at home.

DIY Gift Wrap Kit

Wrap Gifts Yourself at Home

Want to put together the gifting experience yourself? Make it a luxurious one for your gift recipient with our branded gift supplies. Wrap your items with the pillow box and floral kerchief, then hand write a heartwarming message onto the included notecard. Gift your loved ones something that comes right from the heart.


Combine heritage and sustainability with this beautiful Furoshiki Gift Wrap. Furoshiki style wrapping is the art of using fabric as a wrapping cloth and in this modern version of the historical wrapping, we use both sustainable and recyclable materials to bring your gift to life.

With a biodegradable cotton drawstring bag, your recipient can reuse it as kimono robe storage while traveling with their favorite piece. And with the luxurious KIM+ONO scarf gift wrap, your recipient can wear it in their hair, style it with their outfits, and even add it to their bags as a sophisticated accessory.

Your Furoshiki Gift Wrap honors the heritage behind the brand while creating an environmentally friendly option for gifting.


Jia Canvas Tote

$20.70 USD

Jia Kerchief Scarf

$32.20 USD

Kuren Kerchief Scarf

$32.20 USD

Maren Kerchief Scarf

$32.20 USD

Washable Silk Kiku Kerchief Scarf

$32.20 USD $66.70 USD