How to Take Care for Delicate Kimono Fabric

At KIM+ONO, we stand behind each and every handcrafted kimono robe. Our team of talented artisans works with their hands to create each and every piece, and we are proud of the production process that is traditional, rooted in our heritage, and incredibly hard to replicate without the knowledge that’s been passed down from generation to generation. Our silk robes for women are truly works of art, and should be handled with the utmost care. Our delicate and lightweight kimono fabrics need to be treated like the special pieces they are, handled with extra care and gentle attention. So this week in the journal, we’re sharing some of the most important insights in taking care of this special kimono robe fabric so it can last a lifetime. 

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When Loose Threads Show Up on Your Kimono Fabric

We know that when you’re shopping for a silk robe for women, you’re looking for the best of the best. You are tuned into the quality and care behind the craftsmanship. We know this, because we are too! Our handcrafted production process is unlike mass produced machine production. Our silk kimono robes for women are handcrafted, with hand-sketching, hand painting, and hand sewing. This means your kimono robe is as unique and singular as you are. But this can also mean that loose threads sometimes happen during such a production process. If you find loose threads on your kimono robe, not to worry! You can simply snip off the extra thread poking out of the stitch and it will not affect the structure of the piece at all. Your kimono fabric will not be altered by snipping off the loose thread, and you can rest easy knowing that this is simply something that happens while your kimono robe is being handcrafted with timeless techniques by our artisans.

Handpainted Silk Kimono Robes
Reducing the Chance for Snags on Your Kimono Fabric

Our kimono fabrics are all very delicate, of course, and can easily catch on rough surfaces. Things like buttons, zippers, or even decorative items on a purse can catch on your long kimono duster and cause a snag. If a rough surface catches against the delicate kimono fabric, this is when the snag can cause a long run. So to reduce the chance for snags, make sure you’re not accidentally rubbing your long kimono duster against any rough surfaces or materials. Try to avoid sitting on rough surfaces and be aware that if it catches on something, you may want to look for a snag. Part of the beauty of these pieces is their delicate nature, and they should be handled with extra care, and doing so will help them stand the test of time.

Maren Kimono Wrap
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TLC Tips for Handling Your Silk Robe

Our silk robes for women deserve a little extra tender loving care when you’re wearing and storing them. Make sure for our Handpainted and Printed Silk Robes for women that you’re not holding them with greasy or oily hands. Sometimes, if you’re wearing lotion, depending on the oiliness of the lotion or skincare item, it can seep into the silk and cause a little stain. Make sure to be aware of this with our silk robes, and of course for our Washable Silk and Charmeuse, these can be laundered at home so they’re not quite as sensitive to oily stains. Also be gentle when pulling the sash and tying the inner ties. If you pull the ties a little too tightly, they can pull at the seam and stitch. Since the kimono fabric is lightweight and delicate, you’ll want to avoid any pulling or tugging that can cause it to rip in your hands. 

Washable Silk Plus Size Yuri Kimono Robe
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Hanging Up and Storing Your Long Kimono Duster

We purposefully do not use a hanging loops at the neck of our short and long kimono dusters so that you do not hang it by the loop. In research and development, we found that having a hanging loop at the top of the kimono fabric made it more prone to ripping. This is due to the lightweight nature of the material and the strain put on the stitching if you hang it this way. We suggest draping your kimono robe over a hanger and hanging it in a closet or on the back of a door as decoration. Placing your piece on a hanger will ensure even distribution of the kimono fabric weight and it won’t cause any pulling on the seams or stitches. This is the best way to store your piece to help reduce the risk of snags or pulls on the delicate material.

Handpainted Silk Cherry Blossom Kimono Robe
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Tips For Laundering Your Washable Silk and Charmeuse Kimono Robes at Home

All of our Handpainted and Printed Silk Robes for women should be dry cleaned only. Be careful not to expose them to water, but don’t be afraid to give them a light steam (at a distance to avoid spraying water on them) after dry cleaning. For your Washable Silk and Charmeuse, here are some tips for laundering at home: make sure you use a mild detergent and cold water in the gentle/delicate cycle. Do not overstuff your washer, as extra clothing can cause pulling and twisting to the pieces, which can sometimes cause marks on the kimono robe. The washable silk kimono fabric has been time-tested in over 20 hours of continuous wash, so it can certainly stand up to plenty of at home washing. But you’ll need to be mindful to still treat it like the delicate kimono fabric it is. Place it in a delicates bag so you can avoid any buttons or zippers rubbing against the long kimono duster in the wash, as these can cause snags and pulls. Once you’ve finished washing your piece, hang it to dry. You’ll notice the kimono fabric may feel a little stiff or crunchy, which is absolutely normal. Give it a light steam to add the moisture back into it and restore it back to its original luster.

We hope you feel a certain pride and joy in tending to your beautiful silk kimono robe. And we hope it brings you joy every day and is something you gift to generation to generation.

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