A Valentine's Day Celebration of Self Care

While it’s been quite a year of resilience, strength, learning, and challenges, there may have never been a better moment than Valentine’s Day 2021 to remind yourself to take good care. Whether you’re an essential worker and you’ve had to work through the challenges of 2020 outside the home, or you’re privileged enough to be able to work from home and are juggling the remote learning and keeping the house running while also working, you have been handling a lot, lovely. As a small team, and family-run small business, we absolutely understand the work it has taken this year to make it through until now. But we’re here!

As we get closer and closer to the day when we can get back to normal, we know there are still plenty of challenges still ahead this winter. That’s why Valentine’s Day, a day devoted to love, is the perfect moment to stop and give yourself the self care you need. After all, what is more important than self love and giving yourself the deep breath, kindness, and care you deserve? It’s the perfect day to celebrate all you’ve overcome this year, and all the happiness that’s yet to come, while relishing in this present moment and all the ways that life is good. So this Valentine’s Day, we’ve rounded up six ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day from morning to night with big and small acts of self care. You always deserve it, lovely, but this year, you deserve it more than ever. Here are our Valentine’s Day self care ideas:

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Start the day by asking yourself what you need.

The very first thing to do when you wake up is ask yourself: what would feel good for me today? Maybe that means making your favorite breakfast, calling your best friend, going for a run, or slipping into your floral kimono cardigan. Whatever makes you feel good today, do it! Just the act of asking yourself what you might need is a revolutionary act. You’ve spent a whole year focused on others, on your family, your community, and today is as good a time as any to take a deep breath and focus on what you need. Give yourself the gift of asking and answering that one question and set up your whole day for self care success.

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Give yourself the freedom to do nothing.

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in productivity. You’re constantly trying to make sure you’re staying up to date on work tasks, on your children’s school tasks, on household chores that have seemed to pile up a little more while staying at home this year! So this Valentine’s Day, give yourself the freedom to do nothing. Get comfortable in your pink kimono robe and let yourself daydream. Just creating the mental space to drift away can be an incredible act of self care. Boredom can always lead to creativity, so don’t be surprised if you’re suddenly struck by inspiration. 

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Surround yourself with meaningful reminders.

One thing we find so important in caring for ourselves is surrounding ourselves with things that lift us up. While you’ve heard of “energy suckers” when it comes to people, the same can be true of your things. Choose to surround yourself with meaningful items. This could be a beautiful piece of furniture you love, or even a piece of jewelry handed down by a family member. It could just be a beautiful work of art that makes you feel a sense of wonder every time it catches your eye. This symbolism and meaning is important in each one of our kimono patterns. Many of our kimono robes feature romantic, tranquil scenes of timeless botanicals that bear significance. For example, the lotus flower symbolizes good luck and fortune, a sentiment we wish to share with our customers. The kimono meaning is woven into each and every handcrafted piece. Bring this attention to detail into everything that surrounds you so that you are feeling uplifted today, and every day, by the intention in every thing.

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Gift yourself something special.

You deserve it, lovely! You don’t need to wait for someone else to give you a gift to celebrate Valentine’s Day. In fact, we suggest just the opposite. Give yourself a gift that brings you joy and makes you feel like the queen you are. Shop any of our kimono fabrics to find something you truly love and that gives you an extra boost of confidence and love every single day. Whatever you decide to gift to yourself, the most important thing is that you recognize that you are worthy of that self love. Honor yourself and celebrate all you’ve come through this year, lovely.

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Enjoy your favorite things, all at once.

This Valentine’s Day, there’s no such thing as too much indulgence. Give yourself all your favorite things all at once. Our suggestion? Eat your favorite dinner, while burning your favorite candle, sipping on your favorite wine or tea, dressed in your favorite pink kimono robe, with your favorite music playing, and enjoy yourself! Whatever your favorites are, today is the day to dip into them, lovely. Whether you’re staying in or (safely) going out, make it a special occasion by allowing yourself to love what you love! 

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End your day on a high note.

No matter how the rest of your Valentine’s Day goes, perhaps the most important act of self care will come at the end of your day. Make the moment when you close your day a special one. Light a candle you love, perhaps use some wellness tools and do your favorite skincare routine. Dim the lights, slip into your floral kimono cardigan and relax yourself to sleep. Getting a good night’s rest is one of the best acts of self care. This kind of love is the love that keeps you energized, respects your body and internal rhythm, and allows you to have a(nother) wonderful day.

We hope however you celebrate this Valentine’s Day, you remember to celebrate with a little extra self care lovely. And if you slip into one of our kimono robes, tag us on Instagram so we can celebrate you, too. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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