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Gift a floral kimono robe to someone you love.

No matter who is on your gifting list, there's a little bit of luxury for everyone. Our silk robes make the perfect gifts to say I love you, Thank you, or You mean the world to me. These beautiful botanical robes for women make stunning gifts to make your recipient feel like a queen. Whether you're shopping for a mama to be, a dear friend, or your partner, a silk kimono robe is the best way to celebrate. Find plus size kimono robes, men's kimono robes, floral scarves, accessories and more to gift a little extra luxury to your list. Browse our kimono robe gifting guide below.



During the holidays, we know you’re on the search for the perfect gift. And the people who you most want to make happy are usually the ones who are the toughest to shop for! But this is why a kimono robe is the perfect gift for that hard-to-please person. There are so many varieties of kimono patterns, styles and lengths, that you can be sure to find a luxury kimono gift to match any personality.


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The Maren Kimono Robe

The Handpainted Crane Kimono Robe


Peony & Butterfly Short Kimono Robe

230 kr

Peony & Butterfly Long Kimono Robe (Plus Size)

26.200 kr

Peony & Bird Long Kimono Robe

24.600 kr

Cherry Blossom & Crane Long Kimono Wrap

27.900 kr

Washable Silk Peony & Butterfly Long Kimono Robe

48.800 kr

Spring Floral Short Kimono Robe

230 kr

Maren Long Kimono Robe

210 kr 24.600 kr

Silk Kuren Long Kimono Robe

37.400 kr

Haruka Short Kimono Wrap

24.600 kr

Azumi Short Kimono Wrap

24.600 kr

Fura Short Kimono Robe

18.900 kr 230 kr