When we started designing our modern silk robes for women, we knew that each one would need to be handcrafted with our families' heritage. The history, technique, and production process behind each of these silk robes makes them a truly one of a kind piece. And the handcrafted process is nothing without the talented artisans crafting each floral kimono robe with their own hands. So below, you can scroll through the talented men and women who bring your kimono cardigans, plus size kimono robes, and men's kimono robes to life with skill and technique. Each piece is handcrafted with heritage, and this is the team who does it. Read on to learn about our kimono designers and artists.



Our kimonos are designed in San Francisco. Inspired by vintage Asian art and the timeless beauty of botanicals, we work to highlight trending seasonal colors, and choose palettes that compliment various skin tones and complexions.



Every kimono is a completely original piece of art - every petal and detail on our hand painted kimono robes are first sketched by hand, then saturated in rich watercolors using a traditional paintbrush. It takes about seven days to make just one kimono. You can feel the heart and energy put into each piece when you wear it.



From silk to charmeuse to lace, we source and weave the finest materials for our kimono robes. Each fabric requires its own process and handling; handlooms, handicraft looms and power looms are all used in the manufacturing process. The team of textile innovators take great pride in producing a wide variety of high quality fabrics that are hand selected for our kimono production.



Our kimonos are sewn into a “T” shape from four single pieces of fabric, and then tied with an obi (or belt). Minimizing fabric waste and creating a garment that fits most shapes, these robes are luxurious to the touch, constructed with care and precision, and infinitely adaptable. Our pieces are meant to be worn for years, or even decades, to come.



We pride ourselves on delivering the best product we can, no kimono is complete without a full inspection. Our kimonos are handcrafted with heritage, and designed with you in mind. And you, lovely, deserve the finest.