A Floral Kimono Robe for the Mama Who Deserves It

For the woman who does it all, find a silk kimono robe to say thank you for all the ways she's been there for you. Whether your favorite mama is your best friend, your sister, or your partner, every mother deserves to feel like the queen she is. Wrap up the gorgeous mother in your life with silk robes, plus size kimono robes, and kimono wraps that become self care she can wear. She does everything and then some, and with a beautiful silk robe, you'll be able to show her just how much you care. Find her favorite. Discover kimono robes for moms below.


Silk Handpainted Cherry Blossom Long Kimono Robe

$123,000 GYD

Cherry Blossom & Crane Long Kimono Robe

$37,100 GYD

Blush Rose Long Kimono Robe

$37,100 GYD

Washable Silk Jia Long Kimono Robe

$73,600 GYD

Silk Keina Long Kimono Robe

$56,300 GYD

Washable Silk Peony & Butterfly Long Kimono Robe

$73,600 GYD

Spring Floral Long Kimono Robe

$37,100 GYD

Silk Keina Long Kimono Robe (Plus Size)

$61,800 GYD

Silk Kiku Long Kimono Robe

$56,300 GYD

Washable Silk Yuri Long Kimono Robe

$73,600 GYD

Peony & Butterfly Long Kimono Robe (Plus Size)

$39,600 GYD

Fura Long Kimono Robe

$37,100 GYD

Motherhood and the Kimono Robe

Silky Floral Robe for the Mama-To-Be

We loved seeing this gorgeous women’s kimono on @life_of_kar as she wakes up with her sweet babe. We love how our handcrafted kimono robes move with a woman through her entire life.

So drape your favorite mama-to-be in a silky floral robe she can wear as she grows her baby. She can wear this gift in the hospital after she gives birth, and it’s quite easy to wear for nursing or for just giving her a little bit of luxury in those hard early newborn days.

Gift Her A Little Luxury

Handpainted Silk Lotus in Black & White Inspired by @life_of_kar

Peacock Feather in White Inspired by @ekiuwa



"Your kimonos made the perfect gifts for my daughter and niece. During pregnancy they were comfy with the added gift of elegance. They are also perfect when new baby arrives. Thank you!

P. S. I frequently give new babies a "lovie", a very small blanket with a sweet animal head. This would make a nice addition to the kimono for Mom, made from matching fabric for baby!"


Add a little luxury they deserve