At KIM+ONO, creativity and sustainability are inextricably linked. We know that as we create beautiful handcrafted kimono robes to bring into your home, how we make those pieces will impact our environment and yours.

That’s why we continue to focus our attention on reducing our carbon footprint, and switching to more sustainable practices wherever possible. So you can be sure that by supporting KIM+ONO, you are helping to create a more sustainable shopping ecosystem with every purchase.


As much as possible, we offer items in our products and packaging that you can reuse, with the goal to completely eliminate one-use products as soon as we can. We have successfully begun reducing the use of plastic bags for packaging online orders as well as our brick and mortar store.


You can repurpose most elements of our packaging for your own personal use. Our silk kimono robes are packaged inside an unbleached biodegradable cotton bag, and this drawstring bag is perfect either for storage at home or to be used as a travel bag for your kimono or delicate lingerie during travel. Our charmeuse kimono robes are stored inside a frosted bag, which is a perfect wet bag for different occasions.


All of our gift wrap supplies are paper products and offer you the option to either reuse or recycle the supplies after gifting. Our San Francisco store only uses paper bags, which can be reused and recycled as well.

Behind the Scenes

Beyond your experience of our products and packaging, we’re working at reducing our environmental footprint behind the scenes as well.

Our Guiding Values

We are guided by our values in trying to reduce our environmental footprint at all touchpoints during our creative process. This includes working with local vendors to supply the wellness product lines you can find in our brick and mortar store, partly to reduce waste and emission of transportation and also to support our local community. It also shows up in our store design, where we use plants to create a fresh, nature-connected feel in our urban environment.

We Try Our Best To Make Your Day & Your World A Little Bit Lovelier

We are always doing our best to find new opportunities to become a more sustainable business and reduce our impact on the environment, and offer you options so you can do the same. Our hope is that our products and processes not only make your day a little lovelier, but make your world lovelier, too.