6 Random Acts of Kindness to Brighten Someone's Day

This past Monday was a little holiday you may or may not have been aware of — National Random Acts of Kindness Day. It’s a day to celebrate being kind for no other reason than it’s nice to be nice! And according to the Make a Diff blog, the origin of this holiday began in Sausalito, California in 1982. In a restaurant, Anne Herbert wrote "practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty" on a place mat. That tiny act was all that was necessary for the phrase to start showing up on bumper stickers and then finally be turned into a book: Random Acts of Kindness, which contained real life stories of kindness in 1993. From there, books, articles, news segments, and more ensued and the idea quickly caught on.

And it’s not surprising that random acts of kindness ideas went viral. According to Psychology Today, there are four physical and chemical reactions we get just by doing a random act of kindness like holding a door for someone or letting another car in front of us in a traffic jam:

  1. The Helper’s High: A random act of kindness can release neurochemicals that result in a sense of well-being. When you get chemically “high”, the neural circuits involved in that high are the same that are activated by kindness and compassion. 
  2. Dopamine and serotonin, two chemicals involved in helping to reduce pain, are released when enacting a kind behavior.
  3. Oxytocin, a powerful chemical, has an enhancement of its release during interactions between people. This chemical strengthens the bonds between them. 
  4. Stress is reduced. Random acts of kindness actually can help improve physical and mental health. Because many physical ailments are brought on by stress, a reduction of stress by being kind is an incredibly positive thing for the body and mind.

The bottom line is: being nice, feels nice! So here are six ways to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day, to spread a little sunshine and feel better yourself in the process:

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Make Someone Else a Cup of Tea

Give your sweetheart, partner, or friend a moment to relax and put up their feet with a lovely cup of tea. There’s something so gentle and calming about tea. Even though it can be caffeinated, it almost has the anti-coffee energy, where it relaxes you and soothes you into sipping it slowly. Make it an even lovelier moment by encouraging your loved one to slip into her blue kimono robe and truly take a moment to relax. This lovely kimono pattern comes in our signature collections as well as our brand new Curve Collection as a plus size kimono robe for the woman you love.

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Rally Your Friends for Brunch

What’s more energizing than getting together with your closest friends? Step out in style with this kimono outfit that’s perfect to wear from day to night. And maybe gathering your friends for a lovely weekend brunch is the perfect excuse to pay the bill when no one is looking. Enjoy dining and toasting with your best buds about your years of friendship, and when no one is paying attention, sneak up to the server and pay for your friends. And while you’re at it, tip your server a little extra for helping you keep the secret!

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Do a Chore for a Neighbor

The best random acts of kindness don’t need to cost a thing. Perhaps all you need to do is check in on an elderly neighbor and see if they could use any help. Water their plants, help tend to their garden, do their dishes, fold their laundry, or just sit with them and have a chat. Sometimes all people need is a little bit of company. When you come home, you can dive right back into your blue kimono robe and feel as beautiful as you are, knowing you did something to brighten someone else’s day.

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Let Your Partner Sleep In

Ah, sleep. It’s truly a beautiful thing. So why not let your partner sleep a little later than usual? An extra hour or two of shuteye, especially if you have children, can be the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you. So our suggestion? Let your love get some rest, just because. Lounging in a pink kimono robe, curtains draped shut, cozy under the covers, a little rest can go a long way for their day.

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Gift a Spa Day to Someone Special

We all need to slow down, and a beautiful and lovely act of kindness is to notice when someone is busy and give them a chance to hit pause. Whether it’s your partner, a friend, or a family member, gift someone special a spa day to help them feel like they can catch their breath. And it doesn’t have to be at a fancy spa! Create the same experience at home. Gift them a few candles, bath bombs, blue kimono robe, and some time to themselves to put their feet up and just relax.

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Smile at a Stranger

Sometimes a smile is all that someone needs to brighten their day. You never know how you can help someone else just by the acknowledgement and the kindness of your smile. It costs nothing to be kind and takes the least amount of effort possible, but has the biggest impact. You may be turning heads when you’re dressed up in your kimono outfit, but the way to truly make a great impression on someone’s day is to share with them a smile with respect and kindness.

These are just a few ways to give your body and mind the gift of kindness. The smallest acts are often the most significant, so whether you spend money or not, remember that a random act of kindness is all about sharing your good intentions with the world. Go out and find someone to be kind to, and the world will return that good will back to you tenfold. Here’s hoping you have a beautiful week, lovely!

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