5 Important Ways to Celebrate this Holiday Season

The holiday season is in full swing, and while we are experiencing it in a more challenging way than usual this year, it is as important as ever to keep the spirit of the season close to our hearts and within our actions. At KIM+ONO, family is at the center of everything we do, so when the winter holiday season is upon us, we feel even more connected to the values and celebrations of the season. While this year may look different, it doesn’t have to be any less special.

We may not be seeing family this year, or we may be streamlining the celebrations that usually fill up our calendars from November to December, but the holiday spirit doesn’t have to be diminished one bit. Whether you’re draping yourself in your favorite and most meaningful long kimono robe for Zoom date nights with friends or giving yourself a breath at the end of each day to truly unwind and bring your own mind to a place of calm, all of these moments, and more, matter. So today in the journal, we’re listing out five important and meaningful ways to celebrate the holidays this season when everything looks a little bit different, but the spirit remains the same.

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Take Time for Yourself Each Day

It’s not always easy to find the time for yourself each day. Between the kids being schooled at home or in person, dealing with work schedules, and everyday chores piling up because your whole family is spending more time indoors, it can feel almost impossible to take time for yourself. But we know that it’s as important as ever during this holiday season to help yourself slow down as much as possible and give yourself the gift of calm. Slip into your favorite kimono pattern at the end of a long day, brew some tea, and give yourself even five minutes to find a solitary moment of quiet. Sometimes, that just means taking an extra long shower! Or perhaps you’re able to take a walk around your block at the end of the day. However, you’re able to score some solo time, try to get at least five minutes each day to be along with your thoughts and calm your mind.

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Gift Someone Deserving a Special Gift

There are surely many people in your life who deserve something special this holiday season. One group of folks who we really for this year are the amazing brides out there. It has certainly been a whirlwind if they got engaged and started planning their weddings in the last year. Perhaps there is a bride you know who has had to postpone her wedding, and one day to feel an extra celebration of joy is to gift her a beautiful wedding kimono robe to say: we can’t wait to celebrate you and your love. Or perhaps there is a healthcare worker or someone in your life on the frontlines of the pandemic that truly deserves something extra beautiful to give them a little luxury. A silk kimono robe can go a long way at the end of a tough shift, and an extra lovely gift to someone you love can fill your own heart with so much joy.

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Find Gratitude in the Small Things

Some of the most powerful feelings of gratitude don’t come from the big gatherings or out of this world vacations. Sometimes the most potent gratitude comes from the simple and subtle parts of your life. Finding gratitude for those small moments throughout the season can connect you to what’s really important each day. Maybe it’s the way the sun is filtering into your kitchen each morning, or the feeling of your silk kimono robe on your skin, or the way your child says your name — whatever it is, those small moments are everything. Try to make a running list each day of the things you feel grateful for and the spirit of the season will increase exponentially.

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Reconnect with Your Values

The holiday season is easy to get wrapped up in, but the foundation of it centers around the values of hope, love, family, and thankfulness. Those values can be celebrated every day in a variety of ways that may not be the traditional ways we’re used to celebrating. Perhaps you reconnect with your sense of hope by reading poetry every day. Or maybe you reconnect with your love of beauty by choosing quality and handcrafted goods for the ones you love. At KIM+ONO, one of our values is the meaning behind the imagery that we have designed into each kimono pattern. Many of our robes feature romantic, tranquil scenes of birds and or flowers that bear significance. For example, the lotus flower symbolizes good luck and fortune, a sentiment we wish to share with our customers. Fill your immediate world with things, people, and ideas that represent and underscore your own values to bring the hope, love, and gratitude of the season into full focus.

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Spread Love in Every Interaction

One surefire way to fill your own heart with the spirit of the holiday season is to spread love in every interaction you have. Whether you’re gifting a wedding kimono robe to your favorite bride, hopping onto a Zoom with your best friends, or holding the door open for a stranger, coming from a place of love will endow every moment with the special feeling of the season. And that includes spreading love to yourself! We often forget that the thoughts we think and the actions we take in our own lives have a big impact on our inner world. Give yourself the gift of a long kimono robe to bring an extra bit of self love into your every day. Go ahead and make yourself a cup of tea when you need to soothe your soul. Speak only words of kindness and love in your own mind. Spreading love doesn’t just extend to others, it also extends to yourself.

No matter how you’re celebrating this season, we hope your meaningful holidays are filled with hope and love, knowing that better days are just ahead, and the beauty of right now can be cherished.

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