The Power of Love During the Valentine's Holiday

It’s the Valentine season — a time to take stock of everyone we love and all the ways love weaves into our lives. While it’s traditionally a season focused on romantic love, there are so many ways to bring love into our lives and to celebrate all the ways it surrounds us every day. 

When co-founders, sisters Renee and Tiffany Tam, founded KIM+ONO, they were building on their parents’ decades of business. And a major part of that business has always been their local community in San Francisco’s Chinatown neighborhood. The Tam sisters knew that creating any kind of business was going to be dependent on a vision for sure, but also on relationships within their community. This kind of support and collaboration is another kind of love, in addition to their parents’ love, that supported them as they set out on their own. 

In what areas of your life do you feel supported by others? In what areas of your life do you feel loved, even if it’s not through a romantic partnership? Identifying these areas of love in our lives is a great way to sustain us, encourage us, and help us see where we have the support we need to keep moving forward. So today in the journal, we’re rounding up all the places you can find love and how to cultivate love in those relationships. With intention and commitment to all kinds of love, you can feel supported and encouraged to go beyond even your wildest dreams. Let's celebrate different forms of love this Valentine's Day!

Coral Chrysanthemum Kimono robe
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The Power of Friendship Love

People often say this because it’s true: your friends are your chosen family. No matter what your family situation is like, you can find friends who feel like home to you. The love of a friend allows you to be yourself, to be messy and complicated, and to also raise yourself to your highest potential. Who is the friend in your life you love the most and who loves you the most? One way to recommit to your friendship is to create little rituals with you and your friend. Maybe you both wear your long kimono robes, sip a glass of wine, and hop on Zoom once a month. These tiny rituals can bring your friendship closer, and give you the sense that you are never alone.

Washable Silk Jia Kimono Robe
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The Bond Between Sisters

If you’re lucky enough to have a sister, you know how important that relationship can be to your well being. That’s part of the reason the Tam sisters created the Jia Kimono Collection. The maxi kimono robes and wraps utilize the mural design featured in their Chinatown brick and mortar store. It brings a bit of their heritage, their current creations, and honors their sisterhood. Jia means sisterhood and family. If there is a sister (or a cousin, or a sister-like friend), in your life — then gifting the Jia maxi kimono robe or wrap is the perfect way to say, you mean so much to me. You are my sister and my best friend. The love between sisters is like no other.

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The Whirlwind of Romantic Love

Of course, there is nothing wrong with romantic love either! We love the butterflies of new love and the security of long term love. Whether you’re shopping for your life partner or someone new, one way to make a leap forward in the relationship is with a thoughtful gift on Valentine's Day to say “I love you.” Our mens’ silk robes are a unique way to show him you care and that you think he deserves to wrap up in a little extra luxury too. If a men’s silk robe is not his style, check out our kimono wrap collection which is a hit with our male customers. And of course, there’s nothing wrong with getting matching silk kimono robes!

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The Beauty of Community Love

Community love is all around us and one of the most important kinds of love to identify. Whether you are deeply involved in your community or you are simply saying hello to someone you pass on the sidewalk, this kind of community love is important in giving us a sense of home. Identify the places where you walk in and feel “like everybody knows your name” — for the Tam sisters, this is what they hoped their kimono store in Chinatown would be. They made their store a wellness hub for whoever needs it. So if you’re looking for a plus size long kimono duster, a long kimono wrap, or a men’s silk robe, you can find what you’re looking for in the store. And while you’re there, you can take a seat on one of our oversized couches, have a sip of a tea, and just relax for awhile with the scents of candles, essential oils, and incense burning. No matter who you are, you’re welcome in our kimono store. And we hope that as you’re identifying your own connections to love this season, you feel that sense of community and belonging wherever you are.

Plus Size Washable Silk Yuri Kimono Robe
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The Essence of Self Love

And perhaps the most essential love of all is, of course, self love. We hope you feel this connection most of all. This Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day to celebrate love and all the beautiful things that make you, you. Whether you gift yourself a perfectly fitted plus size long kimono duster, or you make a bubble bath date with yourself and then wrap up in your maxi kimono wrap, make sure you are treating yourself to something a little extra luxurious. Take these moments to remember who you are and how far you’ve come, and celebrate your wins. If you can do this for yourself, showing yourself compassion and love, you can do and accomplish almost anything. Remember that you are beautiful, you are strong, you are a work of art.

No matter what different types of love you’re celebrating this Valentine’s Day, we want to share our gratitude and love for you. We hope your holiday is filled with little things to make you smile and reminders of just how wonderful you are.

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