Deepening Your Friendships During Aquarius Season

If you’ve been hibernating like us, you may be ready to start your resurgence soon. We love taking our time after the holidays — allowing the natural rhythm of winter to slow us down and decrease our need for speed. The reduction of productivity for productivity’s sake, the rebellion against hustle culture, and the response to our intrinsic need for rest and rejuvenation have been fueling us ever since the start of the year. While we don’t tend to go into a full spring until about March, the turning of the astrological season from Capricorn to Aquarius is a fun one, and worth tuning into while we slow walk our way back to an energetic spring.

If Capricorn season was all about reassessing what is working for us, fine-tuning our foundations, and looking under the hood, Aquarius season is all about imagining new worlds and creating idealized expressions of our biggest fantasies. That’s why we love this energy for recommitting to relationships and deepening friendships. It’s so easy to get sucked into the loneliness spiral that seems to be so prevalent in modern culture. It’s so very easy to feel so very disconnected. So this Aquarius season, with rebellion, idealism, and rule-breaking energy, re-establish the connections and relationships in your life that bring more happiness to your every day. Do the things that fill you up. Reconnect with the bright and vibrant souls that make your days feel full of possibilities. And let that energy connect you from hibernation mode to growth mode. Learn how to deepen your friendships with these 4 techniques:

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Plan a Friend Retreat Now

Everyone knows that you have to plan well in advance to actually get your friends together. With life, work, kids, and more, it’s very easy to slip into “next year we’ll do it!” mode. But use the rebellious Aquarius energy to redefine how you get together. Instead of looking to do a full-on girl’s weekend with your faves, try something a little more out of the box. Call everyone up for a Zoom hangout in your women’s silk robes and pull each other’s tarot cards. Or skip the weekend getaway for a weekday brunch while the kids are at school. Play hooky from work and dressed in your plus size dusters, have a true crime watch party during the day! Come up with a bunch of fun plans that will make all your besties feel excited when adding the event to their iCal. Planning something fun for the year will shake things up for you and for them, bring a little novelty to your schedule, and deepen your friendships with each other all the while.

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Write Your Bestie a Letter

Now hear us out: who doesn’t love receiving a letter? Even better, who doesn’t just adore a handwritten note? Writing out our thoughts and feelings can mean so much to the ones we love. So use the energy of Aquarius season to do something a little out of the box with your bestie. Send them a written note sharing all the ways you’ve seen them grow this year. It will make them feel incredible to feel validated and seen. To get into writing mode, drape yourself in your own silk floral robe, get out your favorite pen and start writing to them. You can list the ways you’ve seen them overcome challenges this year, or how they faced difficulties with an optimism that inspired you. You can recall all of their successes, or remind them of how they finally set boundaries and invited in abundance. There are plenty of ways you can witness them and feel loved. Go the extra mile and send them their own women’s or men’s kimono robe. You can add a note at checkout, or purchase DIY Gift Wrap Supplies with a notecard to add your own handwritten, heartfelt message. However you go about it, this small act of kindness and generosity is a beautiful way to tell your friends how much you care, and strengthen your bond.

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Tell a New Friend How They’ve Inspired You

If you’re looking to deepen new friendships, a beautiful way to do that is to simply tell them how they’ve inspired you. Write an email, drop a text, or comment on their latest Instagram post with specific details about how you’re feeling inspired by how they’re living their life or moving through a difficult moment. Letting people know how you feel — especially new friends — is a wonderful way to deepen your relationship. Aquarius season is for risk-taking and rule-breaking, so don’t act cool, just put yourself out there! It can be as simple as tagging them in a post of one of our women’s silk robes and saying, “Thought of you — this would look great on you!” Small acts of connection truly go a long way.

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Invite Your Friend to a New-to-Both-of-You Activity

Novelty is a beautiful way to reignite your spark for life. And studies show that friendships are formed when you’re learning together. Just think about your high school or college friends – it was a big time of growth, learning, and trying out new things. And perhaps that’s part of the reason why you’re still close! Just because you’re out of school doesn’t mean you can’t keep learning. Invite your best friends to do something new together. You can shop for silk floral robes and learn how to style them, do an astrological reading, learn how to rock climb, take a pottery class. Truly, the possibilities are endless. If you mark the occasion with your plus size duster style, your women’s silk robe turns into an heirloom of friendships. If you mark the moment with a champagne toast, your friend date turns into a celebration of life. There are so many ways to bring meaning and depth to your friendships, all you need is the intention to do so.

We hope you and your friends have a beautiful Aquarius season of risk-taking, rule-breaking, and friendship-deepening while you do it! Remember to tag us on Instagram @kimandono_ as you style your womens and men’s kimono robes. We love to see your head-turning style and the ways you celebrate with the ones you love!

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