Wearing It Well: Allergic to Vanilla's Best Kimono Robe Outfits

What we love the most about kimono robes is that they are as unique as you are. From velvet trim to washable silk to hand painted kimono jackets, your kimono robe outfit can shift to express whatever personal style you want to try on. Kimonos were historically very versatile everyday pieces, and your modern kimono robe is no different.

We find inspiration in how you style your kimono robe outfits, and this week, we’re featuring influencer and content creator Carlina Harris of Allergic to Vanilla. Like her handle implies, Carlina is anything but bland. She is adventurous in fashion and is always up for trying something new. We love her playful style, her versatility and her powerful, feminine vibe. Whether she’s traveling abroad or at home in the Bay Area, her kimono robe style goes with her. Whether Carlina is wearing a beautiful green kimono robe in the streets of Milan or a bright kimono jacket in San Francisco, we love her ability to bring out a fresh take on every piece.

We sat down with Carlina to get her take on fashion, kimono style and her style icons:

Azumi Kimono Wrap

Photo by Carlina Harris
Who are your style icons and/or style inspiration?

My inspiration comes from all over the place, not one particular person, and many different decades, I think that is what I love about kimonos-- they remind me of a very different era. Currently, I take lots of inspiration from street style, magazine editorials, and fellow influencers. I gravitate towards what is happening in fashion in Europe so have a deep connection to what content creators are doing out there. They get the trends first, and the trends move to NYC, and down the West Coast.

Azumi Kimono Wrap

Photo by Carlina Harris
What's your favorite thing about fashion?

It changes you and allows you to be anybody! As a wise person once said, style is telling the world who you are without ever having to open your mouth. I could be preppy, punk, edgy, girly and trendy all in one week if I wanted to.

Chrysanthemum & Crane Kimono Robe

Photo by Carlina Harris

What do you love the most about wearing a kimono robe out and about?

It's so regal and makes any outfit effortless; it also brings all the compliments! Of course, different kinds of kimonos bring about different emotions, like, my deep green one with the velvet trim makes me feel like royalty, but my purple one makes me feel girly and boho at the same time.

Azumi Kimono Wrap
Photo by Carlina Harris
What's your advice for someone who wants to wear a kimono robe, but is unsure of how to style it?

You can't mess it up! A basic white tee with jeans or a bodysuit with jeans is the perfect compliment to wildly colorful kimono, pair with heels and it's a no-fail outfit.

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