Kimono Robes Inspired by the Modern Lifestyle

We have always been inspired by the history of traditional Japanese kimono, the vintage Asian art, and our family history. But to bring our modern kimono robes to life, you have been our biggest inspiration. As a modern woman, you are a beautiful, strong, powerful, and often very busy, human being. You know what it’s like to rush from event to event, picking up the kids, dropping them off, showing up for your friends, pulling all-nighters for work, and oh yes, trying to find time for your relationship, too. You can feel pulled in a million different directions, and at KIM+ONO we understand that.

But part of the reason you can do so many things is because of what a beautiful force of nature you are. And that’s what we want to celebrate with each and every one of our kimono robes. The modern lifestyle is a fast-paced one, but more and more, it’s becoming an intentional one as well. You’re not just busy for the sake of being busy — you’re busy because you believe in something, you are following your purpose, you are supporting those you love. We see the modern lifestyle as one that blends purpose with passion, busyness with connection, and generosity with self care. It’s for that reason that, to us, you are the most inspiring work of art. And it’s for that reason we designed a kimono robe collection to support you in your strength and softness and in all the ways you bring your inner world into your outer life. So here are some of our favorite modern kimono robes, inspired by the modern lifestyle of the modern woman who, maybe can’t do it all at once, but who can certainly do it all:

Handpainted Cherry Blossom Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio
Dream Big with Your Handpainted Kimono Robe

Every modern woman (and let’s face it: every woman in history) has a dream in her heart. The dreams vary, but the intuition to create something beautiful and wonderful with her life is the same. This whimsical beauty is one of the reasons we love kimono fashion. It brings the inner world out in a playful, soft, delicate way. With your handpainted and handcrafted kimono fashion, you’re letting yourself dream a little bit bigger. Whether you pair your handpainted kimono robe with denim and white or simply slip it on at the end of the day while you’re getting ready for bed, we hope it helps you have the sweetest dreams.

Handpainted Peacock Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio
A Long Black Kimono Robe for the Modern Powerhouse

We have written before about the beauty of a long black kimono robe and the power it brings to the wearer. This could not be more true for this long black kimono robe with a handpainted peacock design. The combination of this color and this bird is the ultimate in confidence. It’s inspired by the modern woman and all she does to create her life. She works hard, plays hard, and loves hard. We love to pair this statement piece with equally strong layers of white. Bringing the modern woman’s confidence and strength to the forefront, this long black kimono robe is the perfect fit for the modern, powerful woman.

Aimi Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio 
The Nurturing Green of Your Kimono Robe

The modern woman’s dreams and strength aren’t just reserved for her career. She is continually learning how to make her home a sanctuary and bring her depth and care into all aspects of her personal space. That’s what we love about kimono fashion — it brings the modern woman’s intention outwards into her home and beyond. You can drape your beautiful green kimono robe over your shoulders, wear it as a lightweight layer as you head out to work, and wear it again at night to wind down with a glass of wine or cup of tea. The beautiful green is a grounding color and the soft charmeuse is a sweet, gentle feel against your skin. We love this kimono robe as an anchor to remind you that you can create a sense of home wherever you go.

Fura Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio
Self Care and Your Pink Kimono Robe

This delicate, beautiful pink kimono robe is your everyday reminder that self care is just as essential as anything else. We know that the modern lifestyle doesn’t always leave a lot of time for you to think about yourself, but our hope is that each and every handcrafted piece you get from KIM+ONO is the string around your finger that reminds you to take time to breathe deeply. We love this pink kimono robe for a delicate, slow morning, or easy, nighttime landing. With space between the designs and an emphasis on minimalism, it’s a piece that was inspired by deep breaths, long rests, and the energy that comes from taking time for self care.

Silk Kuren Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio
The Beautiful Blue Kimono Robe You’ll Love

The modern lifestyle has never been more hectic, but there has never been more beauty either. The modern woman is beautiful because she knows herself, believes in herself, and represents the diversity and uniqueness of our world. We were inspired to design this beautiful blue kimono robe because it brings elegance, grace, and gentleness out in anyone who wears it. The modern lifestyle can be busy and overwhelming at times, but dipping into this blue kimono robe is the perfect way to slow down and remember the gratitude you have for every beautiful thing in your life — including yourself!

Each kimono robe we design is with the modern woman in mind. From your busy schedule to your big heart, we want each piece to feel like home to you. Whether it’s giving you a piece to dominate the boardroom or offering a style that speaks to your dreams, we hope the kimono fashion in our entre collection sparks inspiration for you too. Modern day life can become tough to navigate if you don’t stop and reflect on your own power, beauty, confidence, and ability to make your dreams happen. We hope our kimono robes remind you that you are just as powerful and beautiful as you think you are.

Flower Kimono Handpainted New Silk Kimono Robes

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