Caring for Charmeuse Kimono Robes and Wraps at Home

With the softness of our 100% silk, and the delicately crafted designs, it’s easy to see why our handcrafted silk kimono robes are our signature offering, but you are missing out if you’re not also falling in love with our charmeuse material. We believe everyone deserves the luxury that comes from slipping into a floral kimono cardigan made of the most luxurious material, and believe it’s the perfect way to elevate the every day. Our charmeuse pieces take the heritage and craftsmanship of the traditional Japanese kimono as inspiration for a modern kimono style that also offers you a silk alternative at the same time.

We love our Charmeuse Collection because it’s effortless beauty and durable functionality all blended into one charmeuse weave. The charmeuse kimono fashion in our modern designs adds elegance, artistry, and sophistication to your style while allowing you to wash and care for the piece at home. They are the perfect way to bring a little extra luxury into your wardrobe, and allow the symbolism and meaning of the artistry influence your day. So this week on the journal, we’re breaking down all the elements of your Charmeuse Kimono Robes and Wraps and how to care for them so they can bring a little extra loveliness your way, every day.

Fura Kimono Robe
Photo by Vanessa Hellman
What is Charmeuse?

Charmeuse is a beautiful alternative to our 100% Silk Collections. While you may want to wear our silks some days, other days you may want to opt for something a little more durable for at home washing but just as gorgeous as you sway about town. Our charmeuse kimono styles are 100% polyester fiber with a charmeuse weave. If you’re unfamiliar with how fabric is crafted, think of the fiber as the clay and the weave as the sculpture. The fiber is the initial raw material that you start with and the weave is how that fiber is manipulated and handcrafted to produce the end result of the fabric. For our Charmeuse Collection, we use polyester as the fiber basis and a charmeuse weave to create a soft, luxurious, and lustrous finish on the outside of the piece. The charmeuse weave creates a lightweight, shiny, breathable finish to the material and one that is durable enough to stand up to washing at home. Often called a poly-charmeuse blend, this technique creates a stunning piece with a liquid drape that is more luxurious and breathable than a weave you may be more familiar with: Satin.

Peony & Butterfly Kimono Robe
Photo by Miranda Taylor De Lay
What is the Difference Between Charmeuse and 100% Silk?

As noted above, our Charmeuse is a poly-charmeuse blend that is 100% polyester fiber. Our Silk Collections (whether Handpainted, Printed, or Washable) are all 100% Grade A mulberry silk kimono robes. With the exception of our washable silk kimono robes, silk cannot be washed at home. The charmeuse pieces, whether in our one size fits most or plus size kimono robe collection, can be washed at home. The non-washable silks are about 16mm in weight, so they are even more delicate than the (still very lightweight) 22mm weight of the charmeuse. Both fabrics require tender loving care, so make sure to keep all of your kimono styles away from anything that could snag or pull on it. The light weight of the material and the production process means that even wearing certain jewelry or briefly rubbing against a rough surface could pull at the delicate and elegant material. Make sure to handle it with a little extra care, no matter which material you choose.

Azumi Kimono Wrap
Photo by Stephanie Russo
How Do I Care for Charmeuse Kimono Styles at Home?

And now the question at hand! How do you care for your charmeuse kimono styles? The beauty of the poly-charmeuse weave is that it has the refined elegance you love and the durability you need. You can wash all of our charmeuse kimono fashion at home in cold water in the washing machine. Please kindly use the delicate setting and make sure to use mild detergent. Another couple of tips that can help keep your beautiful pieces beautiful: be sure not to overstuff the washing machine. If your delicate kimono fashion gets twisted up in other materials (especially if it’s not removed from the washer right away), the taut pull of an overstuffed washer can create rings or lines on the fabric. In addition to avoiding overstuffing the washer, you can also use a delicates bag. For an extra level of protection, placing your floral kimono cardigans in a delicates bag like this one, which will protect it from other items you might throw in your laundry that have zippers, buttons, or other rough edges that could catch the material. After you wash your piece, hang it to dry and never place it in the drying machine.

Fura Kimono Robe
Photo by Teresa Barajas
How Do I Maintain Its Softness and Get Rid of Wrinkles in Charmeuse?

Part of the beauty of your kimono style is the softness and sway of the charmeuse. But when washing any delicate material like charmeuse or silk, it can sometimes feel a little bit rough or “crunchy” directly after laundering and wrinkles are bound to happen even when hanging to dry. That’s no problem! In fact, it’s very normal for this to happen and that feeling is only temporary. The best way to soften your charmeuse kimono robe is to wear it. The natural oils from your body will help it get rid of any crunchiness that comes from hanging to dry and will naturally add softness back into your piece without too much effort. To release wrinkles from shipping or laundering or storing, you can also give it a light steam or hang it up in the bathroom during a hot shower to release wrinkles and creases, add back moisture into the piece, and help create immediate softness as well. 

So now that you know how to care for your Charmeuse Kimono Robes and Wraps, let us know which style is your favorite! We love to see your kimono style and can’t get enough of your unique looks on Instagram. Tag us @kimandono_ and #swaythisway and show us how you are adding a little bit of luxury to your every day! We hope each time you slip into your wearable work of art, you remember that you too are a work of art, you are beautiful, you are confident, and you deserve to feel like the queen you are.

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