Building the Emotional Foundation of Your Home

We know that our homes are sanctuaries — or at least, that is what we most hope for in our homes. We want them to be spaces that create a sense of peace and calm. We want our homes to be places where we can be our most unfiltered, unapologetic selves. We want our homes to feel warm and inviting to every part of us and our families alike. At KIM+ONO, we have committed to home as a sanctuary as an integral part of our brand and creative process. Our luxury silk robes and charmeuse wraps are inspired by our family heritage, which is woven into every piece. And our kimono store features a calming, inviting mural on the back wall, alongside an oversized velvet couch, and wellness goodies and touches that make you feel like you can step in off the busy Grant Ave street and into a little bit of sanctuary.

So making your home a sanctuary is very important to us, both personally and for our brand. But we know that it can sometimes feel daunting to create that sanctuary. Sometimes it can feel like you need to do more or be more or acquire more. While we love the minimalist feel of our kimono store, we know it can be hard to create that space at home. And while we all have ideals of creating a calm, still, peaceful environment at home, we also know that the biggest impact we can have on our space is the emotional foundation on which it’s built. This means that the emotional energy that we bring to our homes can have a huge say in how much of a sanctuary our home becomes. While that can be a little unsettling to think of, it should also be empowering. Simply slipping into your best silk robe may not change the feel of your home, but if you do it with the intention and energy of emotional wellbeing, then your home (and you) can feel truly transformed. So in this week’s journal, we’re going to talk about how to build the emotional foundation of your home and the easy ways to create more calm and more peace in your space.

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From a Women’s Silk Robe to Flowers, Surround Yourself with Beautiful Things

Sometimes before our emotions can find a reset and we can settle into a calm, happy place, we need to fill our senses with information. If you fill your senses with information from social media, or the latest notification on your phone, or anything else that can kind of yank your attention around, you may find yourself feeling ungrounded and a little restless. So start with your senses. Come back down to earth. Slip into your women’s silk robe to remind yourself of feeling soft and moving through your space with a little extra intention. Pick up some flowers at the market and let the freshness of nature waft through your home. Sip a cup of tea that always calms you down. Reconnect to the way your body feels, and this will help ground you and build an emotional foundation at home that is connected and grounded.

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Pay Attention to the Light In Your Home

Light plays such a huge part in our wellbeing! Whether you’re on a ground level or the top floor, surrounded by trees or facing a busy city street, find the patches of light in your home that make you feel amazing and cultivate them. Maybe that means opening the window shades before the sun comes up. Or maybe that means displaying your best silk robe on the back of a door that gets a gorgeous shaft of light in the late afternoon. Be specific with how you bring light into your day. Turn down the lights at night to help you rest, and remember that you can reset your mood and your emotions with that small attention to detail.

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Tell People How Much You Love Them

Do you ever call someone you love just to check in? Do you ever stop yourself from doing so because you think you might bother them? Most people love hearing from their friends and family, even if it’s just a voicemail. When you check in on the people you love, you’re telling them you’re thinking of them. It’s a small gesture for you, but can make a huge impact on someone else feeling thought about and seen. Maybe you send your brother a men’s silk robe to let him know you’re proud of him as he starts a new job. Maybe you swing by your friend’s house to drop off a meal because she’s having a hard month. Perhaps you simply call your mom to say you love her! However you do it, connecting with the people you love and sending them anything from a note to men’s silk robe can brighten up their day and yours at the same time.

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Slip into Your Luxury Silk Robe and Stillness

Another way to build the emotional foundation of your home is to cultivate stillness. We’re always going, going, going. But there is power in the pause. Slip into your luxury silk robe and feel the weight of the world fall off your shoulders. Meditate for five minutes. Or if meditation is not your thing, look outside at nature for five minutes. Let your mind wander like it did when you were a child. Let yourself let go just a little bit more. This is a beautiful way to build an emotional foundation that feels sturdy, strong, and grounded.

Silk Keina Kimono Robe
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Choose to Celebrate Every Day

And perhaps the best thing we can do to build the emotional foundation of our homes is to celebrate every day. Celebrate what’s beautiful. Celebrate what challenges you’ve overcome. Celebrate the people in your life. Maybe you gift a women’s silk robe to a friend to match your own to celebrate her starting therapy. Or maybe you gift a men’s silk robe to your husband to celebrate how amazing he’s been as a father the past few months. Celebrations don’t have to do with achievements or career milestones. They can simply be a celebration of life in all its richness.

Sometimes building the emotional foundation of your home just starts with creating an emotional sanctuary for yourself. We hope these ideas inspire you to find your own emotional grounding and help cultivate a sanctuary that brings you peace every day.

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