Your Spring Edit: How to Easily Refresh Your Closet

With the change in season, forward momentum that is hopefully pulling us out of this pandemic, and the general sense that we’re ready for a fresh start, you may be like us and cleaning out your entire home. ‘Tis the season of donations and decluttering. With a fresh new season and the open windows to help circulate air and bring us back to that feeling of rejuvenation that comes with the extra vitamin D, you may feel the calling to tidy up and reset for the summer. 

So today in the journal, we’re sharing our four tips on how to refresh your wardrobe. Your closet is ever-changing and in a constant state of evolution. Sometimes your maternity jeans are at the front, sometimes your winter coat is stuffed in the back. With the change of the seasons comes a change in our wardrobe. So these are four tips you can use to both edit your closet and also make it a happy little corner of your home. When you open your closet, we hope you feel gratitude and joy at the things that fill it. With a little bit of intention, sourcing, and thoughtfulness, the pieces you own can inspire a rejuvenated feeling, no matter the season. So here are our four tips in cultivating a spring edit to refresh your look and your outlook: 

Cherry Blossom & Crane Kimono Wrap
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Always Go with Quality Over Quantity

Perhaps it goes without saying in this day and age, but quality is where it’s at. Learning to carefully choose and curate a closet that lasts a lifetime starts with choosing quality goods. Instead of stuffing as many pieces as possible into you wardrobe, choose quality, handcrafted items that may be a little bit more expensive than fast fashion, but prove to be durable and long lasting over time. You’ll ultimately get so much more wear out of those pieces, spend less money in the long run, and reduce your need to declutter and donate! With good quality goods usually comes good ethics. You’re not just paying for the handcrafted nature of what you’re purchasing, but you’re also paying for the way in which those products are made and their impact on the human beings who make them. While all of our silk kimono robes for women are designed in-house in San Francisco, they are handcrafted in China’s Silk Village by the same family of artisans that we have been working with for decades. You can read more about the people behind each and every kimono robe here. At KIM+ONO, we will always accept our producer’s price increases because it contributes to the working environment of our makers. A clean, spacious, smoke-free space is a non-negotiable for us, and any price increases that we take on are in direct alignment with our commitment to workplace ethics and safety. When you choose higher priced items for your closet, you’re not just choosing quality of material, but quality of production. You are choosing a more ethical practice and you are putting other folks’ experience of producing your quality items as high on the list as your experience of wearing them.

Washable Silk Yuri Kimono Robe
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Dress for How You Want to Feel (Like a Queen)

The saying goes: dress for the job you want, not the one you have. The same is true for your feelings, lovely! Dress for the feelings you want, not the ones you have. While the team at KIM+ONO highly subscribes to feeling your feelings, and working through the tough feelings with thoughtfulness and honesty, we also know that when you need a little boost, sometimes your outfit can do the trick. Your spring edit this year should include pieces that make you feel like the queen you are. Whether you’re slipping into one of our real silk kimono robes or our charmeuse alternatives, your skin will be draped in soft, luxurious fabrics and designs that are designed with your unique beauty in mind. Choose items for your closet that feel as good as they look. It’s not just about who gets to see your beauty; it’s important for you to feel as beautiful as you really are.

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Choose Versatility

The pieces in your closet shouldn’t be so hyper specific that you can only wear them on special occasions. The more ways you can wear the high quality items in your closet, the more wear you’ll get out of them and the less money you’ll end up spending on one-off pieces. One of our favorite things about our floral kimono wraps and real silk kimono robes is their versatility. You may start out purchasing a bridal robe from us for the most special occasion—and you may end up wearing that bridal robe as a beautiful piece every morning as you’re getting ready for the day, or over jeans and a t-shirt for a flirty and casual look. No matter how you wear your floral kimono wraps and robes, they become just as versatile as you are. Fill your closet that pieces that work for you in a variety of ways.

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Bring Your Clothes Out of the Closet

One way to have fun with your closet this spring is to allow yourself to enjoy it outside of the closet! If you really love the high quality, handcrafted pieces you’ve chosen for this spring, then there’s no reason not to enjoy them all day long, whether you’re wearing them or not! One way we love to do this is to hang up our silk kimono robes for women on the back of a door, or if you have a clothing rack, line them up. When you own one of our real silk kimono robes, you own a wearable work of art. This means it’s just as beautiful draped across your chair as statement decor, as it does draped across your shoulders for a romantic night out.

When defining your spring wardrobe, it’s easy to find a little flirtiness and fun by adding just a little bit of intention to your edit. Choose the pieces that are ethically made, make you happy, and work for you in a variety of ways from wearing to hanging. And don’t forget to show us how you wear your kimono robe! Tag us on Instagram @kimandono_ and #swaythisway so we can celebrate and feature you as the beautiful queen you are.

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