Your Holiday Kimono Robe Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List

The time has come! Our once a year Annual Sitewide Sale is here! If you haven’t already shopped the sale, now is the time to take advantage of the best discounts we offer all year long. It’s the perfect time to take care of everyone on your list and gift them the perfect flower kimono robe that fits their needs and personality.

We know that it can feel a little overwhelming to find the exact right gift for the people on your holiday list, so that’s why we’ve split up our offerings below into a holiday gift guide that takes care of everyone based on their tastes and needs. From our silk robes for men to our plus size kimono robes and everything in between, each kimono robe tells a story. From the feel of the material to the symbolism of design, once you get to know all of our offerings, you can find something that fits everyone perfectly. So today in the journal we’re guiding you through your holiday list based on what the loved ones on your list will love the most.

Washable Silk Jia Kimono Robe
Photo by Ashley Streff
Gift Sanctuary for Someone Who Deserves Rest

Home means everything to us. It provides us with a sense of peace, safety, rest, ritual, and love. It’s the place we go when we need to reconnect to calm. If there’s someone on your holiday gift list who could use that sense of home, one of our flower kimono robes is just perfect for them: our Washable Silk Jia Kimono Robe. Jia, meaning home, is meant to make you feel at home in your own skin. Tell someone special that they represent home to you, and gift them a sense of home by sharing this meaningful flower kimono robe with them this holiday season.

Handpainted Silk Cherry Blossom Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio
Gift Heritage to Someone Who Loves Handcrafted Works of Art

Our Handpainted Silk Collection combines the luxury of 100% silk with the handcrafted heritage of our generations-old production process. It takes seven days from start to finish to craft one of these beautiful maxi kimono robes. It starts with a design from our in-house team in San Francisco, then it’s hand sketched, and the 100% silk is saturated with rich watercolors by the talented artisan team in China’s Silk Village. This is the perfect gift for someone who values art, the craft of handmade goods, and the traditions that are woven into each and every piece.

Plus Size Peony & Butterfly Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio
Gift Self Care They Can Wear

For the person on your list who needs a little extra self care this year, gift them one of our silk or charmeuse flower kimono robes that have been handcrafted with them in mind. These beautiful, lightweight robes are the perfect way to start or end your day. Reminding you that you deserve to rest, slow down, and breathe a little extra luxury into your everyday. You can find everything from short to maxi kimono robes to gift a little self care to the people who need it the most. Give them the gift of taking good care, each and every day.

Washable Silk Kiku Kimono Robe
Photo by Ashley Streff
Gift Easy Luxury to the One Who Has Everything

For the person on your list who has everything, gifting them a beautiful white silk robe becomes even more unique when it’s washable! Our Washable Silk Collection adds a necessary dose of luxury with the durability and ease of being able to launder it at home. You can see full laundering instructions and what to expect for this white silk robe and all of our washable silks here. Our washable silk pieces are best selling for a reason — they combine elegance and functionality making them easy to wear and easy to clean.

Haruka Kimono Wrap
Photo by Maria Del Rio
Gift Decadence for Someone Who Loves to Stand Out

Our fan favorite kimono wraps are the maxi kimono wrap gift to turn heads. Is there someone on your list that loves to make a statement in what they wear? Whoever you just thought of… this is for them! With the decadence of velvet trim on the sleeves and collar, the double lining, and modern designs against beautiful trending colors, you can’t lose with these handcrafted maxi kimono wraps. Looking to purchase for a man in your life? Our male customers love our the kimono wraps as a staple of their own men’s kimono robe collections. (More on men’s kimono robes below as well!)

Plus Size Washable Silk Lotus Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio
Gift Style for the Curve Beauties On Your List

While we don’t offer specific number sizing in our flower kimono robes, we do offer plus size kimono robes so you can gift an abundance of style to the curve beauties in your life. Our Curve Collection takes the best-selling and fan favorite maxi kimono robes from our Charmeuse, Printed Silk, and Washable Silk Collections and brings them to our plus size kimono robes so everyone on your list can wrap up in silky style. We love the fluid drape of this collection and the curve beauties on your holiday gift list will feel like queens wrapping up in silky floral kimono robes sized just right.

Peony & Butterfly Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio
Gift Him Something Special, Too

While we don’t offer men-specific kimono robes, our male customers love these pieces! We love how so many male customers adapt our pieces into charmeuse and silk robes for men that are perfect for any occasion. Whether he’s lounging around the house, off on an adventure or vacation, or simply heading about town, the man in your life deserves a silk robe for men as special as he is. Take some inspiration from our Men’s Lookbook and read up on how to style charmeuse and silk robes for men in our Guide to Men’s Kimono Fashion.

With so many collections, materials, styles, lengths, and looks — the possibility for holiday gifting is truly endless. We also have wellness goodies, scarves, and digital gift cards for those who might want to pick out their own maxi kimono robe. There is something for everyone on your holiday gift list, and once you get to know all of our flower kimono robe collections, you may just find a bit of extra inspiration to find something for yourself too. Tis the season!

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