Transparency Behind Our Prices

To Our Lovely Community,

As of November 2021, our prices will slightly increase. One of our core values at KIM+ONO is to always be transparent with our customers, so here’s why this change is happening:

Although we’ve held off as long as we could on a price increase, this has been an ever-increasing reality in the eCommerce industry since the pandemic began. Prices on international shipping have been raised for us, and while we’ve done our best to absorb the cost on our end over the course of the pandemic, it’s also vitally important that we continue to pay our producer fairly according to market increases.

One thing that has always been important to us, and to our customers as well, is that we’re able to maintain a work environment for our artisans that is spacious, smoke-free, and healthy. A good work environment ensures the craftsmanship and heritage of each piece remains in tact. And we place the highest value on the workers who craft these beautiful pieces, so they receive fair wages and can maintain our sustainability efforts as well.

This commitment, in addition to the shipping challenges due to the global pandemic, is why we will be increasing our prices on our products in November 2021.

We want you to have this heads up, lovely, so you can jump on any purchases in your cart before the prices increases. We hope you find something that makes you feel like the queen you are.

Thank you for letting us be a small part of your everyday. We are so grateful.

The KIM+ONO Team


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