Top 6 Tips to Spring Clean Your Home

When this challenging season started, if like us, you maybe thought you’d clean your house from top to bottom and it would never look better. And perhaps, like us, that hasn’t quite happened yet. But now that spring has officially sprung, even as we shelter at home to help flatten the curve of the coronavirus, you might be feeling antsy. And trust us, we are in this with you! So today on the journal, we decided to revive your spring spirit with a list of actionable items that could truly make an impact on your day to day: our top six spring cleaning tips and tricks.

At other times, perhaps spring cleaning could denote a less than desirable task to check off your list. But with nowhere to go, and a house or apartment that’s getting more and more lived in by the day, spring cleaning could be the welcome task you need to set your house (and mind) in order. However big or small your living space, beginning the big goal of spring cleaning from top to bottom can feel super daunting, and we want this task to only make you feel good, productive, and refreshed. So here are our top six spring cleaning tips and tricks for your home that will be easy to implement and make the biggest impact on the wellbeing you feel in your space.

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Begin With a Plan

Our recommendation when making any strategic plan is to set the mood and intention while you plan. So slip into your favorite feel-good white kimono, set pen to paper, and start to map out the strategy for how you’ll spring clean your abode. Perhaps you’re a room to room cleaner: you can’t start the bedroom until the bathroom is done. Or perhaps you go more of the Maria Konod route, where you have to start with objects first: clothes then clutter. Whatever your spring cleaning style is, make a plan so when you start, you know where you’re headed. And if you’re really into the list making, get specific! Don’t just write “Clean Fridge.” Make that the heading and bullet point underneath that you want to empty shelves, throw out old food, clean the shelves, reorganize the freezer, etc. Don’t let anything slip on your list so you stay on task and don’t get too overwhelmed when the cleaning day arrives. Make sure you have the right cleaning supplies at your disposal and set yourself up for success with whatever tools or supplies will help you implement your master plan.

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Work from Top to Bottom

Maybe this is obvious if you’re a methodical cleaner already, but you always want to work from top to bottom. Start with the highest points in your home to dust and clean. This includes any ceiling fans, railings, or light fixtures that could be collecting dust and grime. When you start at the top, you won’t need to retrace your steps if some dust bunnies fall on your freshly washed floor. Whether you’re starting with rooms or objects, try to start with the highest altitude items first so that by the time you reach the ground, you can slip into your kimono outfit, pour yourself a celebration cocktail, and know that every inch of your home is clean.

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How to Declutter During the Coronavirus

You might think more along the lines of decluttering when it comes to spring cleaning. If you’re like us, you’re always longing for a little more space and a bit fewer things taking up that space. But during a challenging time like this one, when we’re supposed to stay home and social distance, it doesn’t seem right to be donating items. The good news is, you can still declutter your space! Simply pack up your donation pile into a box and place it in the attic, basement, or garage to make the donation when we’re out of quarantine. Small apartment? No problem. Place those items in the trunk of your car, or at the very least, at the bottom of your closet in an organized fashion. When you’re clear to donate again, you’ll have everything packed up and ready to go.

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Deep Clean the Little Details

The best part about spring cleaning is the feeling you get when you can’t quite put your finger on what feels so fresh but you know everything just feels good. Many times, it happens to be the small details that make the biggest difference. One of those details is as simple as clearing up cloudy glasses. If you have any glasses that are kept out in the kitchen, or don’t often get clean, they may become cloudy and sticky over the year. Pull out your champagne flutes, de-cloud them, and slip into your favorite kimono wrap to celebrate the small victories that will lead to huge (spring cleaning) success.

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Revamp Your Linen Closet

Your linen closet may not be the most exciting part of the house, but with a few quick tricks, it can transform into it! Linens have a tendency to fall over, become unpaired, and generally wreak havoc on any empty shelf space. So try a couple of these quick tricks: keep sheets together by folding them and sliding them into the corresponding pillow case. This will also help to keep them stacked and organized. If you need some extra organization, use file organizers as stacking compartments for hand towels. And breathe a bit of style onto the back of your door. Use your women’s bathrobes as a way to dress up even the dullest of closets. Whether you hang them on the outside or inside is up to you, but they’ll bring a breath of fresh air every time you go to put something away.

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Freshen Up Your Shower Curtain

It’s easy to remember to do the tub, but don’t forget about the curtain. Freshening up your shower curtain can make your whole bathtub feel cleaner. Get rid of any moldy spots on your curtain by throwing any plastic or vinyl curtains in the washing machine with a little detergent. Adding in some of your towels will help give them extra agitation in the wash. Then hang them up to dry or give them a quick tumble dry. Either way, once they hang up in your shower, your whole bathroom will have a freshly laundered scent. Slip into your favorite women’s bathrobe and enjoy a bathroom that makes you feel revived and revitalized.

Have these tips worked for you? Let us know in the comments and leave any of your own spring cleaning tips and tricks. Happy Spring Cleaning, lovelies!

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