How to Use Kimono Style to Design Your Home

If you follow KIM+ONO, chances are you are a design-conscious lover of all things beauty, wanting to elevate your everyday with the little things. And in what better way can you elevate your life by creating a home that’s swoon worthy and perfect for you?

That being said, there’s so much that goes into decorating a home in an aesthetically beautiful way that it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. That’s why we’re here on the journal this week, breaking down the latest interior design trends of 2019 and inspiring you to use your kimono robes for a secondary purpose: beautiful wall art that makes a statement.

Handpainted Cherry Blossom Kimono Robe
Photo by Miranda Taylor De Lay

That’s right. Kimono style isn’t something just to be worn around the house or out on the town. It’s something to be displayed and used as a design element for your home. In fact, your kimono robe is right on trend with the latest interior design elements that experts are loving. From the concept of “biophilia” to decorating with handmade pieces, interior design is leaning into the sustainable, handcrafted, nature-inspired looks. Your kimono style is the perfect way to DIY your way to design that’s on trend, beautifully current, and easy to do. Here’s how to decorate in elegant kimono style:

Coral Chrysanthemum Kimono Robe
Photo by Jennifer Skog
Create an Experiential Design with Kimono Style

The latest interior design trend is to bring an experiential design to your home. Becky Shea explains experiential design in Elle Decor  like this, “Not all clients know exactly what they want until they experience it. Elevating the experience of design for our clients where we invite them to explore all senses is definitely IN this year, and will be here to stay. We want our clients to truly 'feel' the design they love and yearn for when they come home after a long day’s work, which ultimately helps them decompress and truly enjoy being home that much more quickly. Hitting all the senses is the way to do this, and augmenting the design process to be experiential is how you get there." We couldn’t agree more! That’s exactly what we want you to feel when you slip on your blue kimono robe at the end of the day, or when you use it to adorn the back of your bedroom door. Using soft textures like silk or charmeuse, which give the sense of luxury, relaxation, and comfort, brings an experience of calm to your bedroom when it’s hung up on a hanger at the back of your door. If you’re looking for a way to spruce up a door that’s plain or perhaps older and worn, there’s no need to do more than add your blue kimono robe to the back and watch your entire space transform.

Silk Lotus KimonoRobe
Photo by Angie Silvy
Use Kimono Patterns and Natural Textiles

Another big trend in home design is the mix of textiles. Liz Caan says, "I suggest using wools, cotton, linen, alpaca, or leather in your design scheme. These materials are healthy, cleanable, breathable and they age beautifully." Mixing the delicacy of our floral kimono patterns with heavier natural materials is a sure win. This kind of nod to nature is one that brings your bedroom to life while keeping it grounded. We love the look of using kimono patterns in coordination with a lightweight cotton curtain and metal curtain rod for a surprising yet cohesive look.

Silk Kiku Kimono Robe
Photo by Angie Silvy
Tap into Biophilia with Your Purple Kimono Robe 

The concept of biophilia is the emphasis of the relationship and connection between nature and human beings. “Natural, organic materials–such as wood floors, stone, and daylight and plant life–remind us of the exterior and brings the outside and nature, in. We are machine- and technology-driven society, but nostalgic about past processes and handiwork, so opportunities for custom millwork and crafted materials are very important.” Not only are our kimono robes handcrafted, but they bring the element of nature to life in their feel and look. That’s why hanging this purple kimono robe on the back of your closet door is an easy way to tap into that trending design concept. With floral kimono patterns and the softness of 100% silk, this purple kimono robe is a quick and simple way to remind yourself of your connection to nature and ground yourself in the physical beauty of the earth.

Peony & Butterfly Kimono Robe
Photo by Miranda Taylor De Lay
Add Floral Fabrics to Your Space

Erin Gates explains that floral fabrics and wallpapers are in heavy rotation for interior designers. She says, "The traditional beauty of floral patterns, either abstracted or straight up chintz, will be the pattern to use." Our collection of floral kimono patterns and newest Modern Abstract collection both lend themselves to flowering up your space. We recommend draping a purple kimono robe over your rattan chair for a punch of color as well as to bring those floral kimono patterns alive in a natural and functional way in your home.

Handpainted Cherry Blossom Kimono Robe
Photo by Stephanie Russo
Show Off the Handmade Pieces You Love

Kristen Peña notes that this year is all about the handcrafted pieces you can bring into your space. She explains, "Items made by hand using sustainable materials like jute, rice paper, and clay will be in. We see people needing these grounding elements in their homes as a way to feel more in touch with the earth and their roots." This handcrafted and handpainted blue kimono robe is a great example of how to choose quality pieces that serve several purposes in your home. Not only can you wear this handcrafted beauty, but hanging it in your window or against your wall brings handcrafted art right to your home. Our handpainted silk kimono robes take seven days to craft from start to finish and you can see the behind-the-scenes footage of our artisan process here.

Staying on trend doesn’t have to be costly or complicated. By doubling up on the uses of your kimono robes, your kimono style can transform your home as much as it transforms your wardrobe. Have you used your kimono robe as wall art? We’d love to see it! Tag us on Instagram @kimandono_ and #swaythisway so we can see how you decorate your home in kimono style.

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