Statement Kimono Robes for Summer Celebrations

One reason summer tops our list for fun is because of the parties! Every weekend there seems to be something. Whether it’s a family reunion, a wedding weekend, or a romantic vacation just for you and your love, summer is full of moments to celebrate. We love the way it makes us feel fun and flirty and a little bit whimsical. And we love tapping into that magic however we can. Light the candles to set the mood, sync up a road trip Spotify playlist, stay up a little too late or get up a little too early to maximize your time in the sun — there are so many ways to bring fun and excitement to this season of pleasure and delight. 

And one of those ways is to choose a summer party outfit that makes a bold statement. Slipping into your women’s silk robe or your men’s kimono robe is one easy way to make the ultimate statement. With beautiful botanicals, 100% silk, and a liquid drape that falls fluidly against every curve, your silky floral robe is a delightful way to add a little extra fun to your summer looks. There is kimono robe style for every occasion. And this week in the journal, we’re highlighting just five of our favorite summer celebrations and our five favorite kimono styles to go with them. Read on and let these statement summer kimono robes inspire you to have your own kind of fun, wherever your wanderlust takes you this season!

Silk Botan Kimono Robe
Photo by @nickonken 
Wear Your Men’s Kimono Robe During Festival Season

Festival season is the best time to go outside of your comfort zone and wear a statement piece that turns heads. Lean into the festival vibes with a silky floral robe that sways with you as you flounce through the sand and sun and music. We love this men’s kimono robe paired with a large wide-brimmed hat and capris. This men’s kimono robe can be worn as a lightweight layer on top of a t-shirt, or it can be worn open without a shirt underneath, with the men’s kimono robe serving as the top layer. Don’t be scared to mix and match materials — these men’s kimono robes go great with lots of different breathable summer materials like cotton, polyester, or even nylon. If you really want to heighten your festival style, pair some stand out accessories with your statement silky floral robe — you can wear longer necklaces that accentuate the length of the kimono robe, and you can wear bracelets that will be gorgeously featured with the three quarter length sleeves. There’s no wrong way to dress for festival season!

Peacock Feather Kimono Robe
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Short Kimono Robes for the Prettiest Wedding Weekend

We know that summer is synonymous with weddings and matrimony. If you’re heading out to weddings this summer, your best go-to for a lightweight layer over your wedding guest outfit is a short kimono robe in silk or charmeuse. It can highlight your dress and works as an elegant alternative to another jacket to give you warmth. It’s also a wonderful way to gift your bridal party something special if you’re the bride herself! Wrap them up in short kimono robes that they can wear while you’re getting ready for the big day. You can match them in the same short kimono robe design in white. Set the tone for the day by bringing a little luxury to the people you love the most.

Silk Keina Kimono Robe
Photo by @mirandatillinghast
Upgrade the Family Reunion with Women’s Silk Robes

Haven’t you heard? Family reunion t-shirts are out, and women’s silk robes are in! Well the t-shirts don’t have to go, but in all seriousness, why not consider wearing your women’s silk robes around the reunion for some extra TLC for the women in your family? We love mother-daughter matching sets, or as a special gift for the reunion host. Your women’s silk robes are a perfect way to make a statement while winding down at night or taking it slow in the morning. You can coax your family to take a deep collective breath and truly appreciate all the time you have together. Choose the women’s silk robes that work best for each person in your family so that each time they slip into it after the family reunion, they remember how amazing it was to be with the ones they love.

Washable Silk Kiku Kimono Robe
Photo by @joanandandre
Make Your Vacation Even More Romantic with a Silky Floral Robe

There’s no bigger statement than wearing a silky floral robe over some beautiful lingerie during a romantic vacation. Adding these beautiful botanicals to your suitcase gives you an easy option for a head-turning statement piece. Make your mate swoon with the luxurious details of your silky floral robe — 100% silk, fluid drape, handcrafted details and modern design. You can even wear this silky floral robe as a beach or poolside cover up. Slip it over your bathing suit for a lightweight layer to help shield your shoulders from the sun, while still feeling like the elegant queen you are.

Washable Silk Kiku Kimono Robe
Photo by Ashley Streff
Have a Silky Weekend with the Girls

The summer is the best time to reconnect with the girlfriends you haven’t seen in awhile — everyone’s schedules are a little more fluid, and it’s easier to find times to get together without the hustle and bustle of the academic year has subsided for the moment. Make plans with your girlfriends for a weekend away or a simple garden party in the backyard. Make it even more meaningful by wearing your women’s silk robe as a head-turning layer. Take the natural inspiration all around you in the garden to your style — whether it’s a short kimono robe or a longer maxi kimono robe, slipping into your women’s silk robe is one way to make a sartorial statement with your best girlfriends.

No matter how you plan on turning heads this summer, your silky floral robe is a statement piece that is sure to help. Remember, it looks just as beautiful lounging at home as it does draped over your shoulders for date night. There’s no wrong way to wear it, because there’s no wrong way to express your beauty.

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