Realigning Your Values to Achieve Your New Year's Resolutions

It’s a new year, and if you’re anything like us, it’s a bit of a slow start! We may be a couple of weeks into 2022, but we’re still coming down from the holidays, adjusting to this winter’s latest challenges, and finding our way. Of course, despite the nature of New Year’s Resolutions and the hype around starting the new year on the right foot, winter is also a wonderful time to hibernate and reset. It’s a perfect time to slow down and assess what it is you need from the inside out.

So today in the journal, we’re investigating New Year’s resolutions from a somewhat different angle. Instead of trying to achieve, achieve, achieve, we want you to slow down, connect to your roots, redefine your values, and find a path forward for 2022 that aligns with your soul. Sometimes, all that takes is a deep breath and a connection to something you love. So slip into your favorite silk kimono robe, pour yourself a cup of tea, and read on for our guide for redefining your values to create forward movement, progress, and a sense of self and purpose in this brand new year. Learn how to achieve your New Year's resolutions below.

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Finding Your Why & Defining Your Values

Sometimes when we get started with New Year’s resolutions, we start by going from the outside in. We may look at others and see what they’re achieving or working on and think that we need to do the same. But the best goals come from within. That’s because the best goals align with your values. To get to this space, slow down and ask yourself what’s really important to you. This is one thing we did when we started our company. The kimono meaning and heritage inspired our co-founders to look deeply at their own heritage and family history. It’s this set of values and history that are woven into each and every kimono style. You can feel each time you slip into your favorite that there is meaning and symbolism that’s connected to our own story. That’s how your New Year’s resolution should feel too. It shouldn’t be about anyone else — just you! So ask yourself, what’s your why? What inspires you? What gives you hope and purpose? And once you have the answers to those questions, determine what are the values behind each answer. If you feel purpose in being an amazing mother, perhaps you value connection or nurturing others. Figure out the values and why behind everything you do, and each “goal” will be uniquely aligned with your authentic self.

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Acting As If…

There is lots of talk about “manifesting” and while that may work for some, there is a practical application of this method. It’s called “acting as if…” — so if your goal is to get a job promotion at work this year, first thing’s first: act as if you are someone who gets promoted. Perhaps that means slipping into your kimono duster to make you feel confident, strong, and powerful as you work. Perhaps that means taking initiative on projects that you ultimately want to take on with a promotion. Determine the values someone might have who gets a promotion — i.e. trustworthy, responsible, creative, enthusiastic — and then live your life acting as if you are that person already. Many times, our goals are achieved by convincing ourselves that we can achieve them. Start acting as if you’re the person you aspire to be, start making decisions like her, start believing in her, and you may just become her sooner than you think.

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Being Open to Changing Goals, Not Changing Values

One of the trickiest parts of setting New Year’s resolutions is the feeling that if you change your goal or don’t achieve the goal you set on January 1st, you’ve failed. This is not true! Please remove that thought from your head. Sometimes the goals we set for ourselves don’t make sense even a month from now. It is okay to change your goals. In fact, it’s smart and strategic. What you don’t need to change? Your values. Stay aligned in what’s powerful and important to you and the outer goals will shift to better align with what you really want. Our suggestion? Give yourself a once a month check in and find out if your goals are still working for you. Take a mental break for an hour or so, perhaps right before bed after you’ve slipped into your favorite kimono style. Take out a journal and write down how your goals are feeling and remind yourself of your values. Journal about how your goals are making you feel and see if you need to adjust anything.

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Work What’s Working

As you’re sitting there as a gorgeous queen in your silk kimono robe, figure out what’s working for you. What has really gone right this month? It’s important to take stock of what works for you because it may not be what works for anyone else! This is another way to stay aligned with what’s truly going to move the needle forward toward your goal for you as opposed to imitating someone else. When you determine what has really been working for you — perhaps you find you’re more likely to work out at night rather than first thing in the morning like all the blogs tell you to do! — do what you can to establish the habit of what already works. Perhaps that means you get changed into your workout clothes before you cook dinner, so that by the time the end of the day rolls around and you’re ready to work out, you’re already set up for the task. These little adjustments can go a long way in helping you stay connected to your purpose.

At KIM+ONO, we know how much can be achieved when we are honest and connected with our truest nature. Our purpose has been to help you feel confident in your own skin each and every time you slip into your favorite kimono duster. When you feel good, we feel good. And if we can have a small part in helping you find your way closer to your authentic self this new year, we will have achieved something special, too.

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