Material Study: The Vivian Chan x KIM+ONO Collection

We were thrilled to launch our brand new collection last week: VIVIANCHAN x KIM+ONO! We couldn’t be more excited about this collection. Not only are we working with brand new kimono fabric, but our kimono patterns in this collection are updated for a completely modern aesthetic that still abides by traditional and classic feels. In addition to the beauty of these pieces, this collaboration with fashion designer Vivian Chan is one way to walk the walk in uplifting and empowering other female-founded small businesses, just like ours.

Last week we shared with you the ideas, inspirations, and dreams we’ve had for these pieces. If you haven’t read that post, catch up on it here! This week, we’re sharing more details about the nature of the kimono fabric and patterns themselves. When creating this new collection, we incorporated so much of your feedback in what you want out of your kimono robes when wearing as lightweight layers, so you’ll see your own requests in this material study! Check out the different features, what makes these pieces so special, and find your own favorite in the details below!

White Texture Stripe Kimono Wrap


Kimono Wraps in a New Length for Everyone

While most of our kimono robes are either long or short, we were so excited to bring a midi length to this collection! Our VC x KO Kimono Wraps are 46” in length from the shoulder to the bottom of the hem. That means they’ll fall a little bit differently on everyone — they’ll be long enough for tall folks to have these comfortably come past their knees. But they will also not be so long that they drag on the floor for our shorter customers. This midi length is a great length for layering as well. Each kimono wrap is a beautiful addition to everything from mom jeans to a cotton dress. At this new midi length, you can make it work for your body to feel like the beautiful woman you are each time you slip into it.

Navy Floral Kimono Wrap
Cotton Kimono Jackets in a Brand New Material

One of the best features of these new cotton kimono jackets is their material! The kimono fabric is a polyester-cotton blend, soft but durable enough to be washed at home. We know it’s important to be able to have at-home washing options for your busy life. While our silk kimono robes are special pieces of wearable self care, it’s wonderful to have a second option that lets you know you can clean it as often as you need from home. All of the cotton kimono jackets in this collection can be gently washed in cold water in the delicate cycle with a mild detergent and hung to dry. We highly recommend also placing your kimono wrap in a delicates bag to protect it from catching on any other items in your washer, and you’ll of course always want to avoid overstuffing your washing machine when laundering delicate materials. Another beautiful component of this material is that it is sheer, making it an amazing option for layering. It can uplevel and transform anything in your closet—especially your monochromatic base layers—by bringing a little extra depth through the sheer material.

 White Floral Kimono Wrap


Structured Kimono Wraps with Pockets

You asked, and we answered. This collection comes with pockets! The beautiful cut of these kimono wraps allow us to add a pocket into the design. For reference into our design aesthetics, in our silk and charmeuse kimono robes, pockets alter and skew the fluid, liquid drape that is the signature of the piece. Because they would alter the beautiful flow of these silkier pieces, we only have pockets in our short kimono wraps—until now! With the poly-cotton kimono fabric, these pieces feature oversized outside pockets in every piece. Due to the material, the cotton kimono jacket also boasts a contemporary structured feel. Each piece has a tapered sleeve for a more feminine effect, but gives you a structured alternative to the slinkier and more fluid feel of silk. Each cotton kimono jacket fits up to 47” in chest and hips. This means if you’re 47” in chest and hips, the piece will wrap comfortably with about two inches of material on each side.


Navy Window Pane Kimono Wrap


Navy Blue Kimono Robes & the Perfect Wedding Kimono Wraps

The colors in this collection are right on point with the transition of seasons from winter to spring. The cool blues of our floral kimono wrap and the classic navy blue kimono robe in this collection give a little depth to both seasons and work as a lovely transition piece from cooler to warmer temperatures and back again. The white of the Texture Stripe and Floral Kimono Wrap are both perfect for your wedding kimono robe. You can make your day extra special with a beautiful wedding kimono robe while getting ready, or even if you’re having an outside or more casual ceremony, use these wedding kimono robes as a lightweight layer over a white dress. Any way you wear these colors: they work.




The Mission Behind Our New Kimono Wraps

Our joint venture with VIVIANCHAN was important on a few different levels. We felt this could be a perfect partnership because both of our brands want to empower women and make them feel beautiful. This has been a difficult year for everyone, and yet, we’re all still forging ahead. This collection is truly a celebration of that. 

VIVIANCHAN is inspired by and dedicated to real women, real careers, and real personalities. Their purpose is to create garments that can allow a woman to celebrate her beauty as well as embrace her femininity. Each design is developed with attention to detail to complement your style and taste, encouraging you to feel comfortable in your own skin. For KIM+ONO, we believe deeply, and weave into every design the idea that you are strong, you are beautiful, and you are a work of art. We design everything from our kimono outfits to our wedding kimono robes to our wraps to be a reflection of just how beautiful the modern woman can be. We want you to feel confident in your own skin, so this collaboration felt like a no brainer.

Enjoy this newest collection and find your own favorite to bring a little luxury into your every day. Wrap yourself in luxury, and be well!

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