Kimono Robes Inspired by the Biggest Color Trends of Winter 2019

We love the winter season with its turn toward longer nights, slower days (after the holidays at least), and moments of calm. Winter is a time to look inward, wrap yourself in comfort, and focus on the now. To take a deep breath, and enjoy moments like stepping in from the cold and feeling your skin tingle with appreciation in the warmth. But even though it’s a time to slow down and take a step back and reflect, winter color trends continue to pop and bring an exciting vibrancy to fashion everywhere.

This week in the journal, we’re looking at the color trends for winter this year. Even if you stay in all season long, you can still stay on trend with the colorful kimono robes that follow the color trends of the current moment. From bright colors to lift your days to more subdued colors for those moments of hibernation, our kimono robe collection is stocked with all of this season’s biggest color trends. Whether you wear your kimono robe out for the world to see or just at home as your own practice of self care, these are the colors that are trending and that we think will liven up your days, all winter long.

Peacock & Feather Kimono Robe
Photo by Angie Silvy
The Lavender Drape of Your Luxury Kimono Robe

Purple is often associated with royalty. It’s a decadent color that brings a feeling of power and grace to the wearer. This winter season, the color trend of dusty lavenders and subdued purples (and every shade in between) is taking over fashion choices everywhere. We love this lavender kimono robe for lounging around the home. The cool tones echo the chill in the air, but the soft, sweet charmeuse material feels like a cloud against your skin. Pair with a beautiful silk nightgown for a truly decadent night in to make you feel like the queen you are.

Aimi Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio
Shades of Green, Mint, Pistachio, Forest

The colorful kimono robe you’ve had your eye on is right in the middle of the biggest color trend of the season: green. This green kimono robe takes a gentler, more natural twist on the bright green of the summer. This forest color is a shade that’s popping up alongside mints and even pistachios. Green isn’t a bright, vibrant burst of color this season, it’s more of a natural, elegant, subtle take on the shade. Your green kimono robe can be paired with other neutral tones to bring out its earthy quality. We love to see it with tans and creams, but would also be a beautiful pair with a subtle splash of coral to bring out the warm details of the printed botanicals.

Peony & Bird Kimono Robe
Photo by Jennifer Skog
Pop Your Pink Kimono Robe

We’ve waxed poetic before about how we love pink kimono robes, but this winter season, the fashion community agrees with us. Pink is an underrated color, often picked over for something more “sophisticated” or “grown up”. However, the variety in pink, its softness and its vibrancy, is what makes this color trend perfect for winter. We love this pink kimono robe that brings out the depth of the color both in the background of the beautiful charmeuse, and the detailed prints of hot pink botanicals on the kimono sleeves. A pink kimono robe highlights the beauty and strength in this feminine power color. We love it as a go-to staple for any wardrobe, whether wearing it to work as a kimono cardigan, or staying wrapped up in it at home.

Mio Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio
Vanilla Custard: An Update to Beige

Just because this winter’s color trends are leaning toward the vibrant pop of colors in the purple, green, and pink family of colors, doesn’t mean we should forget an old standard. And this season, “vanilla custard” is coming to the fore in sartorial circles. Nothing says winter quite like a creamy vanilla kimono cardigan. With delicate and minimal details, this modern abstract kimono robe highlights the simplicity and calm of winter months. Wear your kimono cardigan out as you run weekend errands, drape it over your shoulders for a winter wedding where you need a lightweight layer, and of course, stay bundled up at home in this gorgeous piece.

Kae Kimono Robe
Photo by Kirby Stenger
The Coral Color Trend

While a pink kimono robe may not be your style, there’s another color trend this season you can easily fall in love with that’s just as warm and elegant: coral. We love the coral color trend because it’s another color found in nature that’s surprising. It brings a warmth to the wearer, and we adore this crepe kimono robe for the softness of the material and the gentleness of the color combined. When you’re looking inward this winter for a moment of calm, this coral kimono robe is a perfect piece to help you slow down and breathe deeply.

Mio Kimono Robe
Photo by Maria Del Rio
Our Own Favorite: A Navy Blue Kimono Robe

Taking into account all the color trends of this winter season, our design team brought to life a brand new kimono robe that was inspired by bold neutrals. While we always love black, this navy blue kimono robe brings a classic edge to a minimal design. With the rich navy blue crepe material, and the simple, elegant design, this is a navy blue kimono robe that fits right in with the color trends of the year. It has the subtleness of a traditional color, and the boldness in the rich combination of navy blue and vanilla. 

What color trends will you try this season? What color trends are you already loving? Adding just one piece to your closet in one of these trending colors can amplify the pieces you already own. Plus, when you bring a colorful kimono robe into you line up, you’re bringing a versatile piece of luxury that transforms throughout your day with you. Whether you’re wearing it to work to happy hour or to wash your face at night, a little bit of luxury can go a long way. And this winter season, with the holidays coming up and another year coming to a close, our winter wish for you is that you get a little time to enjoy yourself, slow down, and feel joy in your every day.

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