Kimono Robes in the Wild

What do we mean when we say our modern kimono robes are for the modern woman? It’s simple: we wanted to bring to life a traditional piece that would be as versatile and powerful as you are. That versatility is key, because it means that every kimono robe in your closet makes it easy to be exactly who you are. Your kimono fashion constantly inspires us. For every role you play: mother, bride, friend, partner, leader, seeker, there is a kimono robe to bring out your unique sense of self. We have loved watching the way you style your kimono fashion and love sharing your sense of style with other customers, giving them inspiration to find their own signature look. So this week on the blog, we’re sharing some street savvy styling tips from you, lovelies!

Aimi Kimono Robe
Photo by @noellabellahawaii
Kimono Fashion and Power Pieces

We absolutely adore the combination of a kimono robe and a power accessory like a big, wide-brimmed hat. The flow and drape of the kimono robe paired with the structure and dynamism of a big hat is a gorgeous combination on practically everyone. One way to make this kimono fashion work for you is to pair a t-shirt or dress that matches your hat. Keep those pieces monotone for your kimono robe to really pop and to tie the hat in effortlessly. We love Noella Bella’s look, all the way to hear hoop earrings. She’s bringing many power pieces together and none of them overwhelm each other. They complement each other with the perfect balance of structure, flow, and finesse. Our suggestion? Take a look in your closet for your favorite power accessory and browse our whole collection to see what colors you can pull together for a dynamic look as powerful as you.

Haruka Kimono Robe
Photo by @kristacamillehair
A Maxi Kimono for Your Work Day

Who says cardigans and sweaters and blazers are the only way to get through the work day? For us, the best work day layer is a maxi kimono. And the Haruka Kimono Wrap does not disappoint. It’s a delightful piece to bring any simple t-shirt and denim combination to a whole new level. It’s got the sleek look of velvet trim on the kimono sleeves and gorgeous pop of teal in the charmeuse material. Adding some dark jeans, just like Krista, is a great way to ground your outfit to a more business casual look. We love how she tied up her hair to accentuate her earrings and the velvet trim around the neck of this maxi kimono. A simple necklace finishes off this professional and sleek look.

Peacock & Feather Kimono Robe
Photo by @ekiuwa
Kimono Fashion for Motherhood

Kimono fashion isn’t limited to how you wear your kimono robe out on the town. Although we highly recommend wearing your kimono fashion around town, it is certainly a sweet luxury that you can enjoy at home just as much. And never does this apply more than when a woman becomes a mother. Finding your way through pregnancy and postpartum life can be an epic journey to say the least. Your whole attention turns toward your little ones and that leaves less brain power to answer the question: what should I wear today? Especially in the beginning of your baby’s life, your clothing may not fit like it used to, but that’s no reason not to feel as beautiful as you are. A beautiful kimono robe makes nursing easy. You can pack this beauty into your hospital bag so you have something special to wear during your stay. And during pregnancy, this works as a great go-to for lounging and kicking your feet up. We love how this kimono robe brings out Ekiuwa’s glow and beauty. It’s simple elegance and everyday luxury are just one small way to make the hardest job in the world just a tiny bit easier!

Peony & Bird Kimono Robe
Photo by @cicixyang
A Blue Kimono for a Grand Evening

Your nights out don’t have to begin and end with a dress! A blue kimono robe gives you a dynamic look to tackle any event that requires a little extra something special. We love how Cici is showing off her Peony & Bird Kimono Robe to the world. Paired with simple heels, this blue kimono robe immediately transforms into a lightweight layer that stands on its own. Another way our customers love to wear their kimono fashion is by pairing their maxi kimono with a tight belt. They wrap it into a dress that wows with a beautiful drape and daring leg. But whether you wear your blue kimono robe as a dress itself or a simple layer for an evening out, you’ll be turning heads with this exciting, dynamic look.

Peony & Butterfly Kimono Robe
Photo by @the_wild_boxer
Your Long Beach Kimono Cover Up

Indoors or outdoors, your kimono fashion is a power move wherever you wear it. You know it looks good when lounging around the house or out on the town, but did you know that kimono fashion extends to the beach as well? We love the look of this long beach kimono against a neon swimsuit and neon nails! Some of our more subtle, grounded colors are actually a tremendous backdrop for the bright neons of summer. Almost every single one of our contemporary kimono robes can serve as your long beach kimono, taking you from morning to night, on whatever vacation or adventure you find yourself on this summer. We suggest choosing your favorite from our Charmeuse collection. The material is soft like silk, but the tiniest bit thicker, making this midweight kimono robe easy to clean and easy to wear. Simply wash with cold water on a delicate cycle and hang it in the summer breeze to dry. Then, head back out to the beach with this head-turning kimono cover up swaying around your statement swimsuit.

Your Personal Kimono Style

We love nothing more than seeing how you take each kimono robe and make it unique to you. When we created our modern kimono robes, we envisioned them being worn by the modern woman — powerful, dynamic, feminine, and strong. We are constantly inspired by the way you work your kimono fashion into your life and hope we can continue to bring a little more luxury to your every day.

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